"Democracy from the Bottom Up, Not the Top Down"
A Mayan Perspective on the Emerging Civil Society
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Community College Room 208
Antonio Otzoy, Secretary of the Mayan Hermandad (an organization of the Presbyterian Church of Guatemala) will share his experience with a new form of emerging civil society in Guatemala, the Assembly of Civil Sectors (ASC). He will relate this experience to other forms of emerging civil society, the returning refugee communities and the Commu-nities of Population in Resistance (CPRs) models for the development of civil society in the largest, yet most oppressed sector of Guatemalan society, the indigenou s communities of the countryside.
Organizers and sponsors: Tatamagouche Centre and the Guatemala "Breaking the Silence" Network. Mary Corbett will provide Spanish translation. Please feel free to Brown Bag your supper for this workshop.