"The Halifax Initiative - Beyond 50 yrs"
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Community College Boardroom
(and rooms 212& 244)
Workshop for Non-Governmental Organizations

This workshop will span three days and has as its goals the development of shared strategies and a workplan for coordinated Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) action around the following five issues, focusing on the steps necessary to:

Undertake a fundamental review of the policies and practices of the Bretton Woods Institutions;

Implement a tax on international currency transfers;

End World Bank lending to environ-mentally and socially destructive mega-projects;

Address multilateral debt;

Halt structural adjustment programs as currently constituted so as to prevent further social and ecological damage.

The final goal of this workshop is to produce a document outlining "The Path from Halifax" to be presented to the G-7 leaders and the media.

Organizers: Canadian MDB Campaign, A Coalition of Canadian environmental and development groups concerned with international financial institutions and sustainability.

Please pre-register.
For more info contact Robin Round at the Sierra Club of Canada call (613) 241-4611

email: rjr@web.apc.org
Although participation in this workshop is geared towards NGOs there will be two public forums on these issues Tues. and Wed. evenings.