Development and Peace: Call for the Eradication of Unemployment and Poverty

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G7 Summit

Charlottetown, June 9, 1995 - Development and Peace is calling on the government of Canada at the forthcoming G7 Summit in Halifax to push for and vigorously defend the implementation of social and economic policies to combat poverty, create productive employment and redistribute resources, particularly for the poor in society.

Development and Peace, the Catholic Church of Canada's international development organization, says that as chair of the Summit of the seven leading industrial countries Canada should advocate that G7 nations adopt and promote measures to correct the widespread inequality now engendered by the current economic system and take action to benefit the global human community.

Development and Peace recommends that Canada and other G7 nations:

What Development and Peace is asking reflects the findings of a recent report by the Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs and International Trade that suggests the Canadian government take similar measures to bring about a more equitable economic model.

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In Charlottetown: Mary Boyd (902) 892-9074, Evelyne Foy (902) 566-0423 (June 9 to 11)
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Posted: 14 June, 1995