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Connecting to CCN using a Commodore 64/128

What you need:

There are many shareware software packages.

Up to 4800 bps modems are available for use in the expansion port. Modems faster than 4800 bps can be utilized through the User port via a SwiftLink cartridge from CMD. The SL-232 allows modems up to 38,400 bps and can be bought for $80 in Canada.

You can use your current telephone line to connect to Chebucto Community Net.

If you're in a hurry...

If you already know how to use your modem and communications software, here are the communications settings for connecting to CCN. For more detailed instructions, keep reading.

To log on, follow the steps listed under the heading, "Once you are connected."

Step-by-step connection guide

For more detailed instructions, refer to the manual that came with your modem.

Installing your software

You can use any communications software available for the Commodore. Make a backup copy of the communications software disk. Put the original in a safe place, and use the copy. If you have difficulty copying files or installing the software, consult the manuals that came with your Commodore.

How to connect

You will need to enter some information in your communications program so that you can connect to CCN. Your communications software may refer to this information as Communications Settings or Terminal Settings.

Here are the recommended settings for Chebucto Community Net.

Almost all communications programs allow you to save this information so you do not have to enter it again.

Now give your software the command to dial, using the settings you saved in the previous step.

If you get a busy signal, try again later.

When you have connected to CCN you will be asked for some important information before you can begin your session.

If you do not get a "Connect" message or a busy signal, there is a problem with your modem or with the communications settings in your software. Check your connections, make sure that the settings match those listed above, and try again.

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