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Reading Newsgroups via Google
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Reading Newsgroups via Google

   Occasionally CCN may be without Usenet newsgroup service due to a problem or regular servicing at Dalhousie's News Server.  In that event, users can read newsgroup articles archived at Google using the following steps:

   Go to:

 1. Select link # 2 [Groups] (press ENTER/Return)

 2. Select link # 7 [Advanced Group Search] (press ENTER/Return)

 3. Select link # 8 - opt for 100 messages (the default is set to 10)

 4. Select link # 14 and enter the name of the newsgroup you want

 5. Move your cursor up to link # 10 [Google Search] (press ENTER/Return)

   The returned page will feature the latest 100 headings from the desired newsgroup.  Each heading will have all of the posts and followups contained within their respective links to make it easier to follow a thread.

   Before proceeding further, bookmark this page for future reference by pressing 'a' (for add) and 'd' (for displayed page) and press ENTER/Return.  That way, you can use the bookmarked link to always retrieve the latest page of articles without having to go through the above setup each time.

   Bookmark each group as you call them up for the first time using the step by step instructions above.  If you find you are not getting the latest articles (the top articles should be dated with the current date) then reload the page using ^R (Control+R) for refresh.

   To read postings, select a heading (press ENTER/Return) and select link # 3 No-frames page to get a clean text page of all the articles contained within that heading.  When you are finished with that heading, use the left arrow key to back up 2 pages to return to the newsgroup listings again.

   Once you are finished with that particular newsgroup, use the left arrow key to return to the Advanced Group Search page and select link # 14.   Use the backspace key to remove the newsgroup's name from the entry box and replace it with the next newsgroup for which you wish to retrieve articles.

   Please note that although Google has a great number of newsgroups archived at this service, every newsgroup may not be available.

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