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Aims and Objectives

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Gaelic Name: Mac Eanruig
             (Henry's Son)
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Clan Henderson shall devote its efforts and activities in the aims and purposes generally set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, its Constitution and Bylaws, and to such other supplemental and directive activities, objectives, and purposes as may be approved by the Executive Board, including but not limited to --

{*}Encouraging cultural activities including the perpetuation of Scottish dress, traditions and customs, promoting Scottish Festivals, Games and Gatherings in the United States and Canada and supporting Clan Henderson wherever its members may be found.

{*} Promoting charitable and educational activities within Clan Henderson and, in so doing, demonstrating fellowship and friendship among kith and kin, and towards all clans and all people.

{*}Promoting the learning of and the participation in the history, arts, and literature of Scotland.

{*}Assisting the membership in their genealogical research, developing both the individual families and the hereditary connections between them. Tracing the emigrations and finally the establishment of families in the traditional homelands.

{*}Encouraging travel to Scotland and promoting mutual understanding through opportunities for family visitation and exchange of young people through the family home-stay environment.

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