1996 Atlantic Canada Events:

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June 21 - 23, 1996

Annual Multicultural Festival: Celebration '96

Events Plaza on the Waterfront, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
June 22
Clan Henderson joined Clans Campbell, Lamont, MacDonald
and Watson in taking their turn staffing a Scottish display.

July 1-8

Nova Scotia Tattoo

July 1
Official Opening: Nova Scotia Tattoo
July 7
Clan Henderson members from all over the eastern provinces grouped
on Sunday night, July 7th, to attended the Nova Scotia Tattoo

July 6

Halifax Highland Games & Festival

Organized and Hosted by the Scots: The North British Society
Wanderers Grounds, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Clan Henderson had a very busy schedule at this year's games.

Our Clan Henderson tent and display were set up and staffed
by Celeste and Jane Henderson who greeted visitors and clanspersons
with a wealth of Henderson and Scottish historical information.

Cairns Henderson was on the Games organizing committee; he spent
much of the previous two months planning and organizing the event.

Clan members Leonard and Audrey Pride were volunteers during event.
Leonard assisted Cairns, who organized and was responsible for
the heavyweight competitions, with the distances judging.
Audrey spent all day selling tickets for the refreshment venue.

July 19-22

New Brunswick Highland Games

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Clan Henderson will host their display on the grounds all weekend;

Saturday, August 3

Annual Pipers Picnic

Earltown, Colchester County, Nova Scotia
Hendersons in northern Nova Scotia will attend this significant day
on a Matheson pioneer farm in Highland Scottish Colchester County.

Saturday, August 10

Fergus Scottish Festival and Bell's Highland Games

Fergus, Ontario
Clan Henderson members from Atlantic Canada will attend the
The Fergus Scottish Festival and Bell's Highland Games and
participate with members from all over Canada and the USA.

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