Scots at G-7 Summit Odyssey 21:

Celebration '95

In 1995, the 11th annual Multicultural Festival was held in celebration of the G-7 Summit in Halifax. Celebration '95, as the festival is titled, became Summit Odyssey Site 21. One hour after Celebration '95 opened its gates to the public (Friday, June 16th, at 11:00 am), Premier Boris Yeltsin of Russia unveiled the Peace Monument (constructed in honour of the G-7 Summit) in the beautiful Dartmouth waterfront park beside Alderney Gate, the Ferry terminal and also near the Celebration '95 site.

Celebration '95 was the first public event held on the new plaza refurbished from the parking lot beside the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal. At the invitation of the City of Dartmouth, members of the Mi'kmaq community in Nova Scotia held their traditional Sunrise Ceremony to dedicate the plaza, at 7 am as the sun rose in the sky on Saturday, July 17th, 1995.

This ceremony was followed by religious ceremonies and commemorations by members of various ethnic communities within the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia. After the ceremonies, participants gathered for food and fellowship over a sumptious pancake breakfast at the Oktoberfest tent.

When a self-styled umbrella organization claiming to represent the Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia refused to allow a Scottish presence in Celebration '95, clansfolk of many clans in the Halifax/Dartmouth area expressed dismay. Responding to their concerns and interest, The Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland coordinated clan involvement under its own auspices. Several clans responded to the call, and together all shared in the work and the rewards of presenting the Scottish Culture at G-7 Summit Odyssey 21.

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