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Chebucto Community Net:
Editors Website

For editors, both present and prospective, the following document contains links to much of the information you need to know, or need to consult, in order to effectively and harmoniously work as part of the Chebucto Community Net's Editorial team.

If you have any questions please contact the CCN Editors or the Editor-in-Chief.

Becoming an Editor
How does one become a CCN Editor. What are the steps and responsibilities involved? For new editors, and those contemplating getting involved, this document spells out the necessary steps.

Editorial Policy
This is the formal mandate which specifies the powers and responsibilities of the CCN Editors. Please read this attentively.

Information Providers Agreement
This is the contract between the CCN and Information Providers. It is the agreement which we, as editors, partially administer. Thus it is important for all editors to be familiar with its terms and conditions.

Information Providers Database Guide
The Information Providers Database is the main administrative vehicle for keeping track of all aspects of the application, training, creation and operation of Information Providers. All editors should be familiar with its structure and operation.

Who Are the CCN Editors?
The current roster of CCN Editors.

Information Providers: Frequently Asked Questions
An archive of information of use to both CCN & IP Editors.
Editors' Archive
The archive of correspondence of the Editors' List (restricted to members).
1997: Annual Report of the Editor-in-Chief
Christopher Majka
1996: Annual Report of the Editor-in-Chief
Christopher Majka
1995: Annual Report of the Editor-in-Chief
Ben Armstrong