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Additions to PDA
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Additions to PDA

Date		Area		Program			Type

May  11/13  Apple GS Misc        G.U.P.P. v1.0.7      System Patch Program
May  11/13  Apple GS Misc        HFS ISO              ISO-ready Disk
May  11/13  Apple GS Misc        ProSEL 16 v8.84      Program Select/Utils
Mar. 17/10  Apple II/GS Comm     ProTerm 3.1          Communications Pgrm
Sep.  3/09  Apple II Misc        ProSEL 8 v4.0        Program Select/Utils
Apr. 27/09  Apple II/GS Comp     CiderPress v3.01     A2 to PC Conversion
May  15/08  Mac Communication    ZTerm v1.1b7.OSX     ZTerm for OSX
May  15/08  Apple GS Comp        DESCii v1.0.2        BINSCii-type utility

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