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OS/2 Miscellaneous Software & Utilities

McAfee Virus Scan for OS/2 v2.2.4e
A virus scanning program to check any files downloaded from CCN and the Internet. Scans and cleans PCs and LANs for known and new viruses. Requires OS/2 2.0GA or above. Use 'PKUnZip' to expand.
McAfee's OS Scan v2.15
A general system scanner used to check all memory and function allocations. A general tuner program. Use 'PKUnZip' to expand.
File Commander /2 v1.03
A Norton Commander-style file utility program for the OS/2 system. Use 'PKUnZip' to expand.
File Manager /2 v2.26
An OS/2 2.1+ PM 32 bit file/directory/archive maintenance package with plenty of bells and whistles. Shareware $40.00 US. Use 'PKUnZip' to expand.