RCC User Agreement Part 2: General Articles

IN CONSIDERATION for Réseau communautaire Chebuctowork Society ("Society") providing access to the Réseau communautaire Chebucto ("RCC") to me, I agree that:
  1. I will abide by this Agreement and the by-laws of the Society, which by-laws are available on request, and any regulations, rules, or procedures established by the Society governing the use of the RCC from time to time. I agree that the Society may amend this Agreement or these regulations, rules or procedures on written notice including E-Mail message to me. My continued use or access to the RCC will constitute acceptance of the amended Agreement or regulation, rules or procedures;
  2. Use of the RCC privileges may be suspended or removed by the Society, without notice, for any act which the Society, in its sole discretion, considers to be a violation of this Agreement;
  3. I accept the Login I.D. assigned by the Society to identify myself on the RCC. I will not allow any other person to use my Login I.D. I will not use any other person's Login I.D.;
  4. I represent that all User Information provided by me to the Society is complete and accurate.
  5. The Society does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on or provided through RCC. Information on RCC is the responsibility of individual Information Providers or other users;
  6. I will not post any illegal, unlawful or defamatory information or comment on the RCC;
  7. I will not use the RCC or any Society services to commit any illegal or unlawful act;
  8. the Society may remove, without prior notice, any information or comment posted by me on the RCC which the Society considers illegal, unlawful, defamatory, or otherwise not consistent with the objectives of the Society, or contrary to this Agreement;
  9. I will not use RCC in such a way as to disrupt Society or RCC equipment nor seriously impair RCC or Society services;
  10. I will not use RCC for unsolicited advertisement of commercial products or services;
  11. I understand that copyright laws may apply to information on RCC;
  12. The Society makes no representation that RCC will be operational at any particular time. I hereby release the Society, its Officers, Directors, employees and agents from any and all claims arising from malfunction or operational difficulties with the RCC, being unable to use the RCC at any particular time or at all, or for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages sustained in relation to the use,operation or inability to use RCC;
  13. I will indemnify the Society for any loss or damage caused to or suffered by the Society by reason of my use or misuse of the RCC and will indemnify the Society for any claim by any third party against the Society by reason of my use or misuse of the RCC;
  14. Information on the RCC is provided as a community service by various Information Providers. If I rely on the information so provided, without the prior consent of the Information Provider, I do so entirely at my own risk;
  15. I understand that the Society does not control the content of the information provided through RCC and that offensive or unsuitable information may be available.
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