*** Emails sent from CCN accounts are being rejected by some servers such as Eastlink.  This
is due to these servers now rejecting all emails for which a reverse DNS lookup is not
available. CCN must enable this through Dal and this may take some time.

*** Please check CCN Twitter for office hours.

*** Remember that your Chebucto password is private, never give it to anyone!

- All emails and websites that ask for your Chebucto password are scams!

- "Email quota", "account security", "system upgrade" and other such warning letters
are all fake. They are just attempts to steal your password.

- CCN will never send you an email or link asking for your password.

*** If your browser shows a security notice for our home page then you need to enable
the https:// protocol. To do so, change the link you have for the CCN hompage as follows:

Change from: http://www.chebucto.ns.ca
to: https://www.chebucto.ns.ca

*** Due to a recent change to email services, your current password may not allow you in.

- Changing the password will fix the issue. To change the password, either:
- Log into the text service (and g[o] password), or
- Contact the office to have it changed.

*** Updated April 6th, 2019 ***

*** Quick access to this message: https://chebucto.ns.ca/motd ***