Saint James Anglican Church

Boutilier's Point, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada


People from all over North America come to see this little yellow church. Why? Beside being in a touristic area, people come here to do genealogy. Until recently, I was the groundskeeper, and when the tourists come to visit, I also double as a local tourist guide.

In order to help people doing genealogical research, I made a headstone survey in 1996. It contains various information that are on the headstones. It has not yet been officially published. However, due to popular demand, I have decided to put it on my website so that people may access it. This is a large page, (136 KB), so make sure that you have the time to download. I plan to update this survey within the next year.

I have also taken the time to obtain some pictures of the church so that people may see what the church looks like.

Here it is the headstone survey (136 KB)

The clergy of the past and present of the Saint James Anglican Church

Pictures of the church

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