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I noticed I was getting quite a few hits on the topic of this new "W32 Blaster Worm" that affects Microsoft systems via an RPC vulnerability, so I have created a special page for it. You should find enough links below to cover most aspects of this security issue.


"Sites are encouraged to block network access to the RPC service at network borders. This can minimize the potential of denial-of-service attacks originating from outside the perimeter." However, be aware that the indicated TCP/IP ports also have legitimate uses in Microsoft Windows, such as connecting to Exchange email servers and for file and printer sharing.

Microsoft Information

Additional information about RPC port issues is available in the Windows Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Distributed COM (DCOM) section of my TCP/IP ports page.


Windows Security Software

On my home broadband security page, I have a list of some security software for Windows including both firewalls and anti-virus.

CERT Advisories

US Department of Homeland Security Advisory


Incident Analysis and Reports

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