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This is a sub-page of my main TCP/IP ports page. I have separated Oracle out because it uses such a large number of ports.

Oracle Ports for Network Services

Service TCP UDP Notes
sql*net 66 66 * Oracle SQL*NET. I think this is legacy. I haven't seen it used.
SQL*Net 2 1521 1521 Probably the most common Oracle port. Not registered to Oracle, IANA registered for ncube-lm, nCube License Manager.
SQL*Net 1 1525 1525 * Registered as orasrv. No longer used?
listener port 1526 1526 1526 is also a popular Oracle listener port, but it is also not IANA registered. In the IANA list, it is pdap-np, Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv.
tlisrv 1527 1527 *
coauthor 1529 1529 *
Oracle Remote Data Base 1571 1571 * rdb-dbs-disp
oraclenames 1575 1575 * Default and officially registered listening port for client connections to an Oracle Names server using TCP/IP or TCP/IP with SSL. Deprecated in 9i and above, you're supposed to use LDAP instead.
Oracle Net8 Cman 1630 1630 * oraclenet8cman. Default and officially registered listening port for client connections to Oracle Connection Manager
oracle-em1 1748 1748 *
oracle-em2 1754 1754 *
Oracle-VP2 1808 1808 *
Oracle-VP1 1809 1809 *
Oracle Net8 CMan Admin 1830 1830 * net8-cman. Default and officially registered listening port for administrative commands to Oracle Connection Manager
oracle? 2005 * registered as "berknet" for 2005 TCP, oracle for 2005 UDP
Oracle GIOP 2481 2481 * giop
Oracle GIOP SSL 2482 2482 * giop-ssl
Oracle TTC 2483 2483 * ttc. Oracle may use this port to replace 1521 in future.
Oracle TTC SSL 2484 2484 * ttc-ssl.
OEM Agent 3872 3872 * oem-agent
Oracle RTC-PM port 3891 3891 * rtc-pm-port
Oracle dbControl Agent 3938 3938 * dbcontrol_agent

Although incomplete, this is a pretty good article on the mess that is Oracle ports: Connecting with Oracle: Oracle Ports.

I also got some information from these copies of Oracle documentation Oracle9i Net Services Reference Guide Release 2 (9.2) and Oracle Database Net Services Reference Guide 10g Release 1 (10.1)

The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) should provide all the information you need, but I find it difficult to locate things there.

Oracle 9iAS TCP/IP Ports

9iAS is a port nightmare. A typical install may have dozens of ports open. Many of the ports are not IANA-registered.

The document Oracle® Collaboration Suite Installation and Configuration Guide Release 2 Default Port Numbers and Port Ranges was the best reference I could find to the many many Oracle ports used. I have only listed the HTTP parts in the table below.

Service default TCP Notes
Oracle HTTP Server SSL or Oracle9iAS Web Cache HTTP Listen SSL 4443 This port is IANA-registred for "Pharos".
Oracle HTTP Server SSL 4444 The HTTP server SSL will move to 4444 if the Web Cache is running on 4443. This port is IANA-registered for "KRB524".
Oracle HTTP Server non-SSL or Oracle9iAS Web Cache HTTP Listen non-SSL 7777 This port is IANA-registered for "cbt" by cs.ucl.ac.uk
Oracle HTTP Server non-SSL 7778 The HTTP server will move to 7778 if the Web Cache is running on 7777. This port is IANA-registered for "Interwise".


For the HTTP web server bits, Oracle likes to use 7777, 7778 and 7779. For SSL ("secure" encrypted communications, you may know it as HTTPs) they like to use 4443, 4444, 4445, 4446. These ports are already IANA assigned for other things.

An important security point that you should be aware of is that by default Oracle will create a helpful Ports page on your 9iAS server, listing all the ports it has assigned for everything. The URL will be /portlist Locally on your system, there will also be a file $ORACLE_HOME/install/portlist.ini listing all the port assignments made.

I link to the IANA list on my main TCP/IP ports page.

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