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Updated August 13th, 2019

Within the next month the CCN servers will be moving to a new physical location. Although we will attempt to keep the disruption minimal, there will be unavoidable service interruptions during this process. We will provide further updates as they become available.

Please check CCN Twitter for up-to-date office hours.

An unfortuante consequence of the recent changes to webmail is that address books stored in the old webmail system are not accessible in the new one. The address books are not lost. We are able to export the old address books and provide a personal copies of them to the owners of the email accounts to which they belong.

If you wish to take advantage of this, please email the office using your CCN account and request this copy. If you do not use your own CCN account we will not be able to verify that the address book belongs to you and will not be able to provide it to you. A tech member will reply to your email with a file that can be opened with a spreadsheet app such as Excel.

Your CCN password is private, never give it to anyone

All emails that ask for your Chebucto password are scams. CCN will never send you an email asking for your password

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  • 2 GB Mailbox, private, no ads or data mining, physically hosted in Halifax under Canadian privacy laws. Spam, scam and virus filtered, securely accessible from anywhere.

  • 10 MB Personal Web Space.

  • More...

Your membership fee not only covers your services, it helps to support non-profit community access to the tools of communication. We also provide free and low-cost web hosting and services for non-profit groups and organizations, as well as a local home for small businesses.

Chebucto Community Net is a federally registered charitable organization and donations are welcome and tax deductible. Our Charity Registration number is: #BN 87287 9697 RR0001 .


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