Maritime Musicians For Famine Relief
Keep On Givin'

Bruce Wheaton

Receives award from
"The Canadian Red Cross Society"

In 1985 Bruce Wheaton was asked by Andy Kay & Mike Shepherd to write a song in response to the Ethiopia crisis.  The song was called "Keep On Givin'  The song featured 24 of the top rock singers in the Maritimes. Bruce along with Rick O'Grady helped organize a sold out concert with over 800 people attending at "The Crazy Horse Cabaret" on February 1st / 1987 on a snow stormy night in Dartmouth Nova Scotia... The benefit concert featured top local rock bands from the Maritimes... with all proceeds going to The Canadian Red Cross Society for foreign relief. For their outstanding contribution, Bruce Wheaton & Rick O'Grady received a Citation from "The Canadian Red Cross Society" which was presented to them by the Mayor of Halifax in recognition of their outstanding contribution in aid of The "Red Cross International Assistance Programme".




Click on the picture above to watch the slide show and listen to the song
'Keep On Givin'

"Keep On Givin"
written by Bruce Wheaton / Skull & Crossbones Music

The singers featured on this recording are
"Bruce Wheaton" "Larry Maillet" "Pam Marsh" "Matt Minglewood"
"Sam Moon" "David Roberts" "Terry Hatty" "Dutch Mason"
"Paul MacAusland fromHaywire"
"Peggy Gillis" "Sharron Timmins" "Bryan Jones" "Floyd King"
"Donnie Morris" "David Dobson" "Mike Dimitri" "Terry Kelly"
"Maurice Aucoin" "Eric Marks"
"Frank MacKay" "Helen Bezanson" "Allan King"
"Steve Russell" "Sharon Burry"
The musicians on this recording are "Bruce Wheaton / Guitar"
"Mike Gaudet / Bass" "Neil Robertson / Drums"
"Peter Jackson / Keyboards" "Mike Leggat / Keyboards"

In the beginning Mike Shepherd & Andy  Kay asked Bruce Wheaton
to  write a song in response 
to the famine happening in Africa at the time....
This newspaper aritcle was the first press coverage of the upcoming "Keep On Givin" project.....

The Musicians on "Keep On Givin"

Neil Robertson

Bruce Wheaton

Mike Gaudet

Mike Leggat

Pete Jackson

The lead singers on"Keep On Givin"

Bruce Wheaton

Larry Maillet

Terry Hatty

Allan & Floyd King

Dave Roberts

Paul MacAusland


Michael Dimitri

Matt Minglewood

Sam Moon

Pam Marsh

Bryan Jones

Terry Kelly

Dutch Mason

Sharron Timmons

Helene Bezanson

Frank Mackay

More than 800 people gathered for a benefit concert for "Keep On Givin"
at the "Crazy Horse Cabaret" in Dartmouth Nova Scotia
with all proceeds going to the
"Canadian Red Cross Society" for "Famine Relief"
 on February 1st / 1987.....

Keep On Givin'

Through the efforts of Rick O'Grady & Laurie Gregan who worked with "Oland Breweries" at the time
 and the cooperation and
involvement of "Pepsi Cola Canada"....these two companies
paid for the pressing and manufacturing of the record...
They also had these sweatshirts made (shown above) for
the singers & musicians involved with the recording of
Keep On Givin'


Keep On Givin' CD / DVD Available "Not For Profit"
Price for CD at cost plus shipping
Contact Bruce Wheaton via email for details



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