"Sounds In Tune Studio" 
Located In Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia
Here's a picture of our cozy control room featuring  JBL, & Yamaha Studio Monitors, we also have a set of the famous Auratones, for small speaker reference.  We have a Studiomaster  (analogue) Soundboard, Yamaha power amp and an effects rack mounted with some classic analogue effects, which will be listed at a later date.
Welcome to "Sounds In Tune Studio" a digital audio recording studio. Take a look at our comfortable facility. We use are using a Mac G4 1.8 Dual Processor as the work horse.  Our choice of recording program is Motu's "Digital Performer" with it's unlimited multitrack recording features, and it's loaded with many great effects plug-in such as "Waves" and the "UAD-1 Studio Pak". It is recorded through a Delta 1010 audio sound card. We also have some great analogue hardware as well, such as Lexicon, Symetrix, Alesis, Studiomaster etc. Not to mention, many great microphones to work with, such as ADK & AKG condenser mics, & Shure, and Peavey dynamic mics. We're just getting things started but we intend to provide quality recording for a reasonable price, we will do our best to get that quality sound you  are looking for! To get more info on the studio, look below for contact information. Please take a look around and keep checking back for future updates on the studio. "Sounds In Tune Studio"  is owned and operated by Bruce Wheaton, a professional musician, with many years experience in recording. He co-produced and produced in studios such as "Toronto Sound Studios" while recording with his band "Everyday People", "Le Studio" in Morin Heights Quebec while recording the "Molly Oliver" album, and "Solar Audio" in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

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This room was designed with an ambiance for recording vocals and acoustic instruments such as guitars, violins etc.
This room was designed with an ambiance for recording drums and amplified instruments. 
Here's a picture of the whole studio taken as you come in the front door.
I hope you like what you see, you can be sure we'll try our best to get "that sound" you are looking for! 
Please call or email us for studio rates!
"Sounds In Tune Studio" 
Contact Information:
Bruce Wheaton
30 Jamie Drive 
Beaver Bank
Nova Scotia
B4G 1C6
Telephone:  902-865-0115
Justin Wheaton
Telephone: 902-865-6764
Cell 488-0115
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Bruce Wheaton:

Justin Wheaton: