Bruce Wheaton

Bruce Wheaton's
Musical History
Guitarist  Singer  Songwriter

Sound Technician

'  Everyday People  '
featured in T  V  Series
' Bones  of  Crows'

Recently a song that 'Bruce Wheaton' wrote called 'I Like What I Like'  recorded by his band 'Everyday People'
Was chosen as part of the soundtrack for the new 
Mini series  called 'Bones Of Crows' on 'CBC' & 'CBC Gem'
It will begin airing on September 20th /  2023
'I Like What I Like' has been recorded by several artists over the years
To name a few... 'Mama Cass Elli0t' from the 'Mamas & Poppas'
'LTG Exchange' from the USA ... 'Mr Creeps' from England
It was also sampled by 'Danny Krivit' and put in high rotation again in the Disco Clubs
Bruce's band 'Everyday People' were released on 'Grt Records Canada' & Paramount in 1970
'I Like What I Like'  was a massive underground hit in 'Discos' across  'North America' & beyond
It also received heavy rotation on radio in Canada & USA
It's well documented online ... on youtube etc.
This story pertains to an important part of the musical history of 'Maritime Music' & 'Canadian Music' in general
Bruce's bands 'Stitch In Tyme' ... 'Everyday People' & 'Molly Oliver'
Were a huge part of the  early rock'n roll history of the Maritimes... Canada & USA
Bruce is proud to have 'I Like What I Like' appear in the series 'Bones Of Crows' after all of these years
It also shows how relevant this song was to those times in musical history....

Bruce Wheaton began his professional music career in the late 60s
and it has included three bands that achieved
recording contracts with major labels in 'Canada' & the 'USA'...
The record companies are ... 'Arc / Yorkville Records' ... 'GRT Records Canada'
'Paramount Records USA' ... & 'London Records Canada' ...
His bands that were signed to major recording companies  are ...
 'The Stitch In Tyme' 'Everyday People' & 'Molly Oliver' ...
These bands released albums & singles and performed on several TV shows  ...
and would criss cross the country touring for 20 years ...
In 1987 after retiring 'Molly Oliver' Bruce began a successful solo career
and performed in 'Europe'... 'The Caribbean' and toured extensively in the 'Maritime Provinces' ...
Bruce was the major songwriter for his bands and has continued songwriting over the years ...
He recently released a new song called 'Love Looks Good On Us' on April 8th / 2020 ...
To hear the song and watch the slideshow on ... click on the link below...

'Love Looks Good On Us'

"New Videos & Slide shows Below"
    "Keep On Givin" 
"Stitch In Tyme" "Everyday People"

"Molly Oliver" "Bruce Wheaton"

Check out "I Like What I Like"
"Everyday People"
"Mama Cass Elliot"

"Molly Oliver" and "Everyday People" CDS are available 
Payment by "Pay Pal" or  "Personal Money Order" accepted! 
Contact information below!

'Bruce Wheaton's Latest Release !!

New Release !!
'Love Looks Good On Us'
All music produced, written & arranged by 'Bruce Wheaton'
Published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music'
Lyrics written by 'Bruce Wheaton' & 'Doug Burness'
Audio mastering by 'Ross Billard' & 'Bruce Wheaton'
Recorded  @ 'Sounds In Tune Studio, Halifax Nova Scotia'
Musicians on this recording are:
Bruce Wheaton - Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drum programming
Ross Billard - Piano & Organ
Kenny Mackay - Saxaphone

"Living A Dream"  written by Bruce Wheaton
"Skull & Crossbones Music"
Recorded by "Molly Oliver" on "London Records Canada"
Musicians on this recording are
Larry Maillet / Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Wheaton / Lead Guitar & Vocal
Michael Leggat / Keyboards & Vocal
Carson Richards / Bass
Ken "Dutch" Shultz / Drums
Atlantic Symphony String Section
Symphony arrangements by Paul Mason
Produced by Bruce Wheaton
Mix by Nick Blagona, Andre Perry & Bruce Wheaton
Recording Engineer / Harold Tsistinas
Recorded at "Solar Audio" in Dartmouth NS
Mix and overdubs done at "Le Studio" in "Morin Heights Quebec"
Originally released on "London Records Canada" 1979
Now included on the CD "In The Studio"
CD is available for purchase through Bruce Wheaton

"Open Up" written by Bruce Wheaton
"Skull & Crossbones Music"
Recorded by "Molly Oliver" on "London Records Canada"
Musicians on this recording are
Bruce Wheaton / Lead Vocal & Lead Guitar
Michael Leggat / Keyboards & Vocal
Larry Maillet / Rhythm Guitar & Vocal
Carson Richards / Bass
Ken "Dutch" Schultz / Drums
Atlantic Symphony String Section
Symphony arrangements by Paul Mason
Produced by Bruce Wheaton
Mix by Nick Blagona, Andre Perry & Bruce Wheaton
Recording engineer / Harold Tsistinas
Recorded at "Solar Audio" in Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Mix and overdubs done at "Le Studio" Morin Heights Quebec
Originally Released on "London Records Canada" 1979
Now included on the CD "In The Studio"
CD is available for purchase through Bruce Wheaton

'Molly Oliver' releases 2nd single on
'London Records Canada'
A song called 'Greet Your Neighbor'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton'
'Molly Oliver' band members on this recording are...
'Bruce Wheaton' / Lead guitar & Vocal...
'Larry Maillet' / Rhythm guitar & Vocal...
'Michael Leggat' / Keyboards & Vocal...
'Carson Richards' / Bass...
'Ian MacMillan' / Drums...
'Greet Your Neighbor' was initially released on the
'Molly Oliver' album... then released later as a single in 1978..
It is now included on the 'Molly Oliver CD' called
'In The Studio'... which is available from 'Bruce Wheaton'
The bed tracks for the recordings were recorded @
'Solar Audio' in 'Dartmouth N.S.
Overdubs, mixing & mastering were done by
'Bruce Wheaton' & 'Nick Blagona'
and recorded @
'Le Studio' in Morin Heights Quebec

"I Like What I Like"
Originally recorded by "Everyday People"
and released on
"GRT Records Canada"
"Paramount Records USA"
Live at "Montes Showbar Grill"
Dartmouth Nova Scotia


The musicians in the video above include
3 orginal members
from "Everyday People"
Bruce Wheaton / Guitar & Vocal
Pam Marsh / Vocal
Carson Richards / Bass
Musical Friends
Mike Leggat / Keyboards & Vocal / Bruce's bandmate
from "Molly Oliver"
Dave Smith / Guitar & Vocal
Michael B. Jackson / Organ
John Alphonse / Drums....

On April 3rd / 2016 at  "Montes  Showbar Grill" in Dartmouth
Nova Scotia  a group of  musical friends & former bandmates from "Everyday People" & "Molly Oliver" got together to celebrate
Bruce Wheaton's 70th birthday....
The group of musicians performed original  songs 
written by Bruce & previously released on  "GRT Records Canada" "Paramount Records USA"  &  "London Records  Canada"
The video above is  a performance of Bruce's famous song called
"I Like What I Like" that has been recorded by several bands over the years including "Mama Cass Elliot" "The Creeps"
"LTD Exchange" &"Danny Krivit"....

"Talkin' Music"
Richard Zurawski interviews
Bruce Wheaton
on News 95/7 Halifax
for the "Sheldon MacLeod Show"
Interview initially aired
December 30th / 2014....


Click on the link / picture above
to watch Bruce Wheaton perform ''Black Magic Woman'

Bruce Wheaton was the entertainment playing music
For the 'Nova Scota International Tuna Tournament'
An event that raised more than $300,000.00
For the 'IWK Health Center' between  '1998 - 2009'
Held @ 'Halifax Nova Scotia'

Bruce Wheaton's beginnings with performing 'Rock'n Roll Music'
was with his '1st' band ....
'The Continentals'
A band that began in '1962' while in 'High School' in Amherst N.S.
In this picture are the original members of the band
Bottom Row L - R
'Bob Ackles'.... 'Bruce Wheaton' .... 'Larry Rhindress'
Top Row L - R
'Don Morris' .... 'Victor 'Pinky' Dauvin' .... 'Louise Ormond'


Bruce Wheaton joined his '2nd' band .... 'The Vibrasonics' 1n '1964' while serving in the
'RCAF' @ 'Camp Borden Ontario'
Bruce was the lead guitarist & vocalist for the band .... 'Winston Oulton' on bass guitar hailed from 
'Amherst Nova Scotia' also and had played bass for the popular band 'The Viscounts'.....
We don't have the names of the other two musicians in the band at this time ....

'Bruce Wheaton' joined his '3rd' band 'Chester & The Unknowns' in '1965' while stationed at
'1SD Downsview' in 'Toronto Ontario' ....
Bruce again played lead guitar and sang vocals in the band and began writing original songs around this time ....
The band appeared on the popular TV show called 'Go Go 66' with 'Robbie Lane' as the host band for the show....
Band members in the 'Go Go 66' picture from L - R are ....
'Chester Boucher' / lead vocal .... 'Mike Bowser' / Bass guitar  & vocal .... 'Bruce Wheaton' / Lead vocals & Lead Guitar ....
'Roger Iddison' / Rhythm guitar & vocal .... 'Dan Stapleton' on drums ....

Bruce Wheaton  with 
"The Stitch In Tyme"
at the"Flick" coffee house in Yorkville Toronto

"The Stitch In Tyme" owned
"The Flick" coffee house located in
  in Toronto

CLICK HERE Stitch In Tyme at Nova Scotia Classic Rock
Stitch In Tyme at encyclopedia of Canadian Rock



In '1967' Bruce Wheaton was playing in a band in 'Toronto' called 'The Purple Hearts' when he was asked to join his '4th' band "The Stitch In Tyme" .... which at the time was one of the most popular bands in Canada. In doing this Bruce was actually reuniting with two members 'Pinky Dauvin' & 'Donnie Morris' from their original band 'The Continentals' from 'Amherst N.S.' .... 'The Stitch In Tyme' featured a very entertaining stage show and 5 - piece vocal harmonizing. They recorded on ARC and Yorkville records. The 'Stitch' released "Got To Get You Into My Life" a song written by "The Beatles" which became a cross Canada hit.... Their last single release was called 'New Dawn' which charted well and received substantial radio play across Canada.... 'The Stitch In Tyme' was featured on many TV shows including "After 4" a popular show out of Toronto Ontario. 'The Stitch' toured extensively in Canada and briefly in the U.S.A. and were writing and beginning to record their original songs when they disbanded in the fall of 1968.... with all members going to successful bands after that...

Click on the link / picture above to hear 'New Dawn' and watch the slideshow

The 'Stitch In Tyme' band members on this recording of 'New Dawn' are
'Bob Murphy' lead vocal & keyboards
'Grant Fullerton' lead guitar & vocal
'Bruce Wheaton' rhythm guitar & vocal
'Donnie Morris' bass guitar & vocal
'Victor 'Pinky' Dauvin' drums & vocal

In the fall of 1967 'The Stitch In Tyme' released their  new single
'New Dawn' on 'Yorkville Records'
The band track was produced
and arranged by 'Bill Gilliland' & 'Brian Ahern'
@ 'Arc Recording Studios' in Toronto Canada
Song written by 'Levine'
Vocals were arranged and recorded
In New York City by 'Bob Halley'
@ 'Bell Studios'
The same studio where 'The Four Seasons' 'Gene Pitney'
'Neal Sedaka' and early 'Ronnid Hawkins' material was recorded
'New Dawn' would be the last recording released by
The 'Stitch In Tyme' on 'Arc' / 'Yorkville Records'


The  Stitch  In  Tyme

"The Stitch In Tyme" performing "Mercy Mercy" 
The above video was a concert performance at the "Warehouse" in Toronto Ontario
For the "Toronto Rock Revival" in 1999
The Revival featured the top Toronto bands from the 60s
Such as "Lighthouse" "The Ugly Ducklings" "Luke & The Apostles"
"Robbie Lane & The Disciples" "The Mandala" "Bush" "Crowbar" etc.
The concert was filmed and later released for a
TV show called "The Boys Are Still In Town"
The "Stitch In Tyme" members performing at this concert were

Bruce Wheaton (Guitar & Lead Vocal)
Grant Fullerton (Guitar & Vocals) 
John Yorke (Bass & Vocals)
Pinky Dauvin (Drums & Vocals)

The video above is a "HD"  "Black & White" remastered version of
the "Stitch In Tyme" in 1999 performing "Mercy Mercy"

The above picture of the "Stitch In Tyme"
was taken at the "Toronto Rock Revival" concert in 1999
at the "Warehouse" in Toronto Ontario.....

'The Stitch In Tyme' performed at 'Expo 67' a total of '3' times ....
The 1st time at the official grand opening party in April / 1967 ....
The 2nd time they returned in the summer of '67 to perform at 
'The Ontario Pavilion' for a week ....
The 3rd time they returned again to perform for a week at
'The Garden Of Stars' on 'La Ronde' ....
The band members of the 'Stitch In Tyme' for these engagements were ....
'Bruce Wheaton' guitar & vocals .... 'Donnie Morris' bass & vocals ....
'Grant Fullerton' guitar & vocals' .... 'Bob Murphy' keyboards & vocals ....
'Victor 'Pinky' Dauvin' on drums & vocals ....
Watch the slideshow above and listen to their cross Canada hit
'Got To Get You Into My Life'

"Everyday People" & "Molly Oliver" CDs are available.... To order please email Bruce Wheaton.....
Contact information at the bottom of this webpage.....
Both "Everyday People" & "Molly Oliver" CDs contain extra material that wasn't included on the band's original albums...

In 1969 'Bruce Wheaton' .... 'Donnie Morris' .... & 'Bob Murphy'
from the 'Stitch In Tyme' moved to
'Truro Nova Scotia' to join 'Frank Mackay'  from 'The Lincolns'....
'Ritchie Oakley' .... 'Donnie Muir' & company to begin rehearsals and
work on original music &  forming the bnnd 'Soma'.... Bruce's '5th' band ....
This picture is of the band's first gig ever..... at 'Delmer's Barn' near 'Truro N.S.'
From L - R the band members in this photo are....
'Don Muir' on B - 3 organ .... 'Ritchie Oakley' on lead guitar ....
a band friend 'Murray Dorrington' .... 'Bob Murphy' on rhythm guitar ....
'Frank Mackay' on lead vocal ....
'Bruce Wheaton' on congas, percussion & vocal  ....
'Donnie Morris' on bass & vocal .... 'Norm Calp' on drums & percussion ....
'Andrew Meltzer' violin ....


Click here  "Everyday People"

'Everyday People'
GRT Canada & Paramount USA
Recording Artists

Back row L - R
Bruce Wheaton - Dave Hare
Middle row L - R
Pam Marsh - Al Muggeridge
Front row L-R
Chris Paputts - Carson Richards

Trivia Buffs
Click here for Everyday People 
Paramount Records USA Listing
Album number is PAS 6021
Happy Hunting

 After being a part of the original start up band 'Soma' .... playing congas and singing back-up harmonies with Frank Mackay and playing a few live gigs... Bruce began realizing that he wanted to play guitar and perform and record his own original songs which he had been writing for the past couple of years at that time ... After leaving "Soma" Bruce flew back to 'Toronto and put together his '6th' band with 'Scott Cushnie' / 'Professor Piano' .... the band was called 'Rockin' Chair' ... This band played the 'Toronto' club  circuit for part of 1969.... After that short lived band Bruce began assembling his '7th' band "Everyday People" and through his song writing & leadership  secured  a recording contract with Dr. Music Productions / Terry Brown & Doug Riley who were owners of "Toronto Sound Studios" this resulted in the band signing with "GRT Records Canada" and later "Paramount Records USA". The band released their album in 1970 in Canada and 1971 in the USA and toured constantly across Canada and into the USA throughout the 4 years that the band existed.  Bruce sang on the Kenny Rogers TV show called "Rollin On The River" with "Everyday People". A song off the "Everyday People" album called "I Like What I Like" and written by Bruce Wheaton became a world wide hit in the discotheques and was recorded by several other artists over the years. The artists are: "Mama Cass Elliot" from the "Mamas & Papas" Bruce's song appeared on the album / CD called "Don't Call Me Mama Anymore" / "RCA Records"."Mr. Creeps" from "England",  "LTD Exchange" from the USA, Danny Krivit a New York based DJ on his "Grass Roots" CD / "Strut Records" label,  and another USA based band including members from "Kool and The Gang" that call themselves "The Everyday People"all recorded Bruce's song "I Like What I Like".....


Everyday People Album
Released 1971
GRT Canada
Paramount USA



Watch 'Everyday People'
Perform "Feelin' Better Already"

Written by

Bruce Wheaton
         Skull & Crossbones Music        
Now Available
The Complete Everyday People Recordings


Watch the slide show above and listen to the original recording of

"I Like What I Like" by  "Everyday People"   
written by Bruce Wheaton / Skull & Crossbones Music
Originally released on "GRT Canada" and "Paramount Records USA"

The Complete "Everyday People" studio recordings !
Everyday People recordings have been professionally remastered to CD again in 2004 ! 
Bruce has found 5 extra tracks and they are included on this new issue of the 
Everyday People CD !
"Pay Pal" and "Personal Money Order" accepted!

Contact info here and below

"Rolling Stone" magazine article on "Everyday People" album! 



Above is a copy of the letter "Bruce Wheaton" received
from "Lenny Stack" the musical arranger for
"Mama Cass Elliot" regarding his song  "I Like What I Like"

"Rummy Music" named in this letter
was Bruce Wheaton's publishing company

In 1970 Everyday People released their 1st single on GRT Records Canada...
The 'A' side  was 'You Make Me Wonder' written by Bruce Wheaton....
The 'B' side was 'Nova Scotia Home Blues' written by Bruce Wheaton & Pam Marsh...
Songs published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music'...
The songs received significant air play and this opened doors for the band to tour  extensively across Canada...
The 'Everyday People' album would soon follow after this release....
The 'Everyday People' album was released first on 'GRT Records Canada' & then on 'Paramount Records USA'

Watch the slide show above and listen to
The "Mama Cass Elliot" version of "I Like What I Like"
written by
Bruce Wheaton  / Skull & Crossbones Music

Released on "RCA Records" on an album called "Don't Call Me Mama Anymore"

"I Like What I Like" recorded by "Mama Cass Elliot"
written by

Bruce Wheaton

Skull & Crossbones Music

"Don't Call Me Mama Anymore"

"Mama Cass Elliot" records
"I Like What I Like"

written by
Bruce Wheaton
Skull & Crossbones Music

There is an article written in "Creem" Magazine USA about "Everyday People"
Where they said "I like What I Like" written by "Bruce Wheaton"
Was the hottest dance song to come along in 5 years!  

Everyday People

Classic Rock Concert 

Left To Right
Chris Paputts (vocals Guitar & Harp) Al Muggeridge (Drums)
Pam Marsh (Vocals) Carson Richards (Bass) 
Bruce Wheaton (Lead Guitar & vocals)
Dave Hare (Keyboards)

Classic Rock Concert was held Oct. 4th 2003

Halifax Forum
Featuring Molly Oliver & Everyday People
Plus Many Other Great Bands Of That Era


Everyday People release 'Don't Wait For Tomorrow'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton'
Published by 'Skull & 'Crossbones Music'
Musicians on the recording are...
Bruce Wheaton / lead guitar / lead vocal
Pam Marsh / vocal & piano
Chris Paputts / vocal & rhythm guitar
Al Muggeridge / drums
Carson Richards / bass
Dave Hare / keyboards
Click on the picture above to watch the slideshow &
 listen to the song....

Everyday People records 'My Next Move'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton
Published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music'
'My Next Move' wasn't released on the original 'Everyday People album
It is included on the 'Everyday People' remastered CD
Musicians on this recording are...
Bruce Wheaton / lead guitar / lead vocal
Pam Marsh / vocal / piano
Chris Paputts / rhythm guitar / vocal
Al Muggeridge / drums
Carson Richards / bass
Dave Hare / keyboards
Click on the picture above to watch the slideshow &
listen to the song....

Click here for Bruce Wheaton interview
Molly Oliver live in Fredericton 2002


Click on the link above to watch the slide show
and listen to "Straight In My Head"
written by Bruce Wheaton
Skull & Crossbones Music

Early in their career 
Molly Oliver released their first single in 1976 on "Big Harold's Records"
 A label started by their manager at the time, Harold "Skip" Yorke...
(A) side "Straight In My Head" written by Bruce Wheaton / Skull & Crossbones Music
(B) side "Rainbow Woman" written by Tony Quinn

Molly Oliver members at the time of this initial release of
"Straight In My Head"
Bruce Wheaton - lead guitar & lead vocal
Tony Quinn - rhythm guitar & vocal
Michael Leggat - Keyboards & vocal
Ken "Dutch" Schultz - Drums
Carson Richards - Bass

After Tony Quinn left the band... Larry Maillet re-recorded
Tony's guitar and vocals for future release
The recording in the slide show above features Larry Maillet on rhythm guitar & vocals...


Molly Oliver Album)

Released 1978
(London Records Canada)
After "Everyday People" played it's final tour Bruce Wheaton moved back home to the "East Coast"  and formed his '8th' band in the fall of '1974' .... "Molly Oliver" .... an extremely polished group which landed a National recording contract with "London Records Canada". The band was known for their harmonizing and solid musicianship. Molly  released  many singles an album  and an EP. They opened for the Beach Boys at The Halifax Metro Center after the success of their single written by Bruce called (Apology). Molly Oliver's recordings received  extensive air play across Canada and had a huge following at their live gigs. "Molly Oliver" reformed in July /99 and started with a sold out concert performing with "Matt Minglewood" in Belledune N.B. one of the highlights of their reunion "Molly  Oliver" rang in the millennium performing at Greenwood Air Force Base.

Musicians On Album:

Ken  (Dutch) Schultz -Drums
Ian MacMillan-Drums
Carson Richards-Bass
Mike Leggatt-Keyboards & Vocals
Larry Maillet-Guitar & Vocals
Bruce Wheaton-Lead Guitar & Vocals



Click on the link above to watch the slideshow and hear
'You Didn't Listen To Me' by 'Molly Oliver'

In 1979 'Molly Oliver' released their first single on 'London Records Canada' 
written & produced by 'Bruce Wheaton' & published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music'
Recorded @ 'Solar Audio' Dartmouth NS & 'Le Studio' Morin Heights Quebec
engineered by 'Harold Tsistinas' & 'Nick Blagona'
The band members of 'Molly Oliver' on this recording are....
'Larry Maillet' lead vocal & rhythm guitar... 'Bruce Wheaton' lead guitar & vocal ...
'Michael Leggat' keyboards & vocal... 'Carson Richards' on bass... 'Ken 'Dutch' Schultz' Drums...

Watch the slide shows above and listen to 'Hey There' & 'Rock'n Roll Music'
recorded by 'Molly Oliver'
and released originally on vinyl for 'London Records  Canada'
 Songs written by Bruce Wheaton

Molly Oliver recordings have been professionally remastered to CD with
4 extra tracks that the band had recorded for their second album
12 songs total! 
To purchase your copy of the "Molly Oliver" CD
Contact Bruce Wheaton  below!
"Pay Pal" and "Personal Money Order" accepted!

Contact info here and below
Click here for "Molly Oliver" webpage


Molly Oliver EP

(Released 1982
(No Name Brand Records)

Musicians In the 
Live Performing Band
at the time of this EP release are listed below

Pete Jackson-Keyboard & Vocals
Mike Gaudet-Bass
Terry Hopkins-Drums
Larry Maillet-Guitar,Harp & Vocals
Bruce Wheaton-Lead Guitar & Vocals

The Musicians who recorded the EP are listed below

Ken "Dutch" Schultz - Drums
Terry Hopkins - Drums
Carson Richards - Bass
"Bo" Weldon Hanson - Bass
Mike Leggat - Keyboards & Vocals
Larry Maillet - Guitar & Vocals
Bruce Wheaton - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Watch the slide show above and listen to
Molly Oliver's version of
"Carry On"
by "Crosby Stills & Nash" 
which they recorded and released on their album for
"London Records"



Molly Oliver performing 'Apology'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton'
Published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music'
'Apology' was the last single release by 'Molly Oliver'
released on
'No Name Brand Records'

'Apology' is included on the 'Molly Oliver remastered CD called
'In The Studio'
Available from Bruce Wheaton
Contact information below....

Molly Oliver performing 'Go Back Home'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton'
Published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music'
In the late '80s' Bruce Wheaton hired 'Paul Northfield'
a producer  he met @ 'Le Studio' in 'Morin Heights Quebec'
He came to Halifax and helped re-arrange and produce the songs for a
4 song EP for 'Molly Oliver'
Bruce then coordinated the  EP release on 'No Name Brand Records'
A recording label Bruce started himsef for the release
The videos are taken from the IWK Telethon in Halifax NS in 1985

'Go Back Home' is included on the 'Molly Oliver'  remastered CD called
'In The Studio' available from Bruce Wheaton
Contact information below....


Watch the slide show and listen to "Molly Oliver" performing
"So Much More" written by Bruce Wheaton / Skull & Crossbones Music
In the mid 80s "Molly Oliver" was working on material for their second album for "London Records Canada".... Here's a live recording of one of the songs intended for the album.... The song is called "So Much More" written by / Bruce Wheaton..... This live recording was recorded for live broadcast on C/100 FM Halifax, Nova Scotia....  The show was called "Takin' It To The Streets".... The band members playing on this show were.... "Bruce Wheaton / lead guitar / lead vocal".... "Larry Maillet /  vocal / guitar & harp".... "Mike leggat / keyboards & vocal"..... "Carson Richards / Bass"....
 "Terry Hopkins / drums"...
Sound technician for the show was "Harold Tsistinas".....
The show was recorded at "Clancey's" in Dartmouth Nova Scotia....


Click on the link above to watch the slideshow & listen to the song....
'Somebody New In My Eyes' written by 'Bruce Wheaton'
was the last official single release by
'Molly Oliver' on 'London Records Canada'
It was recorded at 'Solar Audio.... Dartmouth Nova Scotia'
Mixed & Mastered by 'Bruce Wheaton' & Nick Blagona'
'Le Studio.... Morin Heights Quebec'
Engineered by 'Harold Tsistinas'
The band members of 'Molly Oliver' on this recording are....
'Bruce Wheaton' lead vocal & lead guitar....
'Larry Maillet' vocal & rhythm guitar....
'Michael Leggat' vocal & keyboards....
'Carson Richards' on bass guitar....
'Ken 'Dutch' Schultz' on drums....
''Atlantic Symphony String Section....


In 1985 Bruce Wheaton was asked by Andy Kay & Mike Shepherd to write a song in response to the Ethiopia crisis.  The song was called "Keep On Givin'  The song featured 24 of the top rock singers in the Maritimes. Bruce along with Rick O'Grady helped organize a sold out concert at "The Crazy Horse Cabaret" in Dartmouth Nova Scotia...featuring top local rock bands from the Maritimes... with all proceeds going to The Canadian Red Cross Society for foreign relief. For their outstanding contribution, Bruce along with Rick O'Grady received a Citation from "The Canadian Red Cross Society" which was presented to them by the Mayor of Halifax in recognition of their outstanding contribution in aid of The "Red Cross International Assistance Programme".


"Keep On Givin"
The record.....

On February 1sth / 1987 in the middle of a blinding snow storm
more than 800 people gathered at the "Crazy Horse Cabaret"
in Dartmouth Nova Scotia to hear the premier of 
"Keep On Givin"
 written by Bruce Wheaton / Skull & Crossbones Music...
in support of  the
"Canadian Red Cross  International Assistance Programme"....


  Watch the Slide Show and listen to "Keep On Givin"
The singers featured on this recording are
"Bruce Wheaton" "Larry Maillet" "Pam Marsh" "Matt Minglewood"
"Sam Moon" "David Roberts" "Terry Hatty" "Dutch Mason"
"Paul MacAusland fromHaywire"
"Peggy Gillis" "Sharron Timmins" "Bryan Jones" "Floyd King"
"Donnie Morris" "David Dobson" "Mike Dimitri" "Terry Kelly"
"Maurice Aucoin" "Eric Marks"
"Frank MacKay" "Helen Bezanson" "Allan King"
"Steve Russell" "Sharon Burry"
The musicians on this recording are "Bruce Wheaton / Guitar"
"Mike Gaudet / Bass" "Neil Robertson / Drums"
"Peter Jackson / Keyboards" "Mike Leggat / Keyboards"


Click here to view the
"Keep On Givin" webpage



The video above was filmed at Global TV in 1990 featuring Bruce early in his solo career.
"Somebody New In My Eyes" written by Bruce Wheaton / Skull & Crossbones Music
After the "Molly Oliver" band Bruce decided to perform as a soloist,
with his guitar playing, vocals and knowledge of computers and midi instruments 

has put together an entertaining solo act that sounds like a full band.

"Bruce's (One Man Band) poster"
Bruce has toured constantly over the years at clubs, concerts, dances etc....
Including playing on cruise ships
In Europe, USA and the Caribbean...


Bruce Wheaton  

Performing with Molly Oliver

At the "Classic Rock Concert"   (Oct. 4th 2003 - Halifax Forum)


The video above was filmed on the "Carnival Conquest" in April / 2010
Bruce has toured constantly for the past number of years as a soloist playing  in lounges,  dance halls, and taverns locally and around the world.  He played on a Cruise Ship in Europe for the "Silja Lines" on a cruise ship called "The Festival" in Scandanavia ,  sailing between Copenhagen, Sweden, and Germany. He performed as a soloist on Breakfast Television in 2002 Halifax N.S. In 2008 Bruce performed solo on the "Carnival Inspiration" sailing out of Tampa Bay Florida to the Caribbean and in 2010 on the "Carnival Conquest" during the winter months sailing from "Galveston Texas" to "Key West Florida" "Freeport & Nassau in the Bahamas"   and "Montego Bay Jamaica" "Grand Cayman" and "Cozumel Mexico" in the "Caribbean".



Bruce Wheaton
Featured at the music festival



This video of "Molly Oliver" was  filmed at Global TV  in  promotion for the Classic Rock Revival Concert at the Halifax Forum on Oct 4th 2003. "It was a fantastic night" says Bruce, all of the original members of "Everyday People" reunited for the show, and the original
recording band of "Molly Oliver" was on hand for the show also.


Bruce Wheaton along with his peers receive "Mians Awards"
 October 5th / 2003
In the back row L - R
Bruce Wheaton & Tim Garagan
Front row L - R
Sam Moon, Ritchie Oakley, Donnie Muir, Frank Mackay & Pat Riley 

    "Mians Awards" On Oct 5th/2003 Bruce was presented with two awards
For his bands Everyday People and Molly Oliver!
The awards were presented by John Alphonse
(President of the Atlantic Federation of Musician's Local 571)
At the "MIANS" "Nova Scotia Music Week"awards ceremonies.
The awards were from MIANS and the AF of M.
Recognizing Everyday People & Molly Oliver
For Their Outstanding contribution to the 
Musical legacy of The Province Of Nova Scotia.

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