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Chebucto AGM 1999 Minutes
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Chebucto Community Net Society
1999 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

The Annual General Meeting of the Chebucto Community Net Society was preceded by Mark Rushton's presentation "Community Networking in Cuba: Connecting with CSuite".

The Annual General Meeting of the Chebucto Community Net Society was called to order by Chairman of the Board Michael Colborne at 7:00 pm. Michael thanked Mark Rushton for his presentation.

  1. The minutes of last year's Annual General Meeting (fiscal 1998) were displayed online at It was moved by Bill Gard, and seconded by David Murdoch, that the Minutes be approved as read. Passed.

  2. M. Colborne presented the Report from the Chairman of the Board.

  3. Reports were presented from Committee Chairs:

    1. Technical Committee - D. Murdoch
    2. Information Providers Committee - D. McCann
    3. Membership Committee - K. Olmstead
    4. Volunteer Committee - A. Wright, J. Makani

  4. Financial Report: Treasurer S. Parker introduced Johanne DesRosiers, the CCN accountant. J. DesRosiers presented the Financial Report.

  5. Executive Director's Report - L. Deveau presented the Executive Director's Report.

  6. Election of Directors for 2000-2001: K. Olmstead, Chair of the Ad Hoc Nominating Committee, brought forward six names for election as Members of the Board. K. Brief bios were presented on behalf of each candidate. M. Colborne declared the six nominees elected by acclamation.

  7. Recognition of volunteers: D. Murdoch made presentations in recognition of six long-serving Chebucto Community Net volunteers. David Potter, Ed Dyer, Michael Smith, Norman DeForest and Christopher Majka were thanked for their contributions to CCN.

  8. Other business:

    1. M. Colborne announced the appointment of Michael Cormier as Information Provider Editor-in-Chief. C. Majka has retired from the position, but will continue to edit the Culture and Philosophy pages.

    2. A questioner from the floor asked why Robert Speirs had been barred from attending. M. Colborne responded that R. Speirs was no longer a member of CCN.

    3. A questioner from the floor asked how R. Speirs and G. Weldon had obtained email addresses for all Chebucto users in order to send spam. D. Murdoch responded that Speirs had compiled an email distribution list using all the numbers at random from aa001 to aa999. The questioner wanted to know how R. Speirs and G. Weldon obtained all the usernames. D. Murdoch replied that the username is automatically generated when the user identification number is entered.

    4. A questioner asked about the switch of modems from text to Chebucto Plus (graphical access). D. Potter responded that there had been significant changes over the past year, with text phone lines dropping from 72 to 49 lines. M. Colborne stated that the shift has been proportional to the shift in accounts from text to Plus. The Board is monitoring the numbers. One member stated that she has no difficulty logging on to Chebucto.

  9. Meeting adjourned, moved by Mary Rigby.



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