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Policy Committee Annual Report 2000
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Chebucto Community Net
Policy Committee
Annual Report 2000

The role of the Policy Committee is two-fold:

  • to address policy development and implementation issues; and
  • to address complaints or abuses about and by CCN members.

    There were two member accounts terminated by the Board at the recommendation of the Policy Committee for repeated violations of the Chebucto User Agreement. Email-borne viruses, trojan horse programs and internet worms have all been an ongoing source of trouble and disruption in 2000 and continue to plague Chebucto users. Few if any Chebucto text account users are affected by these, as the text service requires a manual save and download of any attachments. Most viruses and such are written to take advantage of graphical access connections and email programs. Some, such as the now infamous Snow White letter with the attached Hybris95 worm, have required the Policy Committee to quarantine Chebucto Plus users until they can clean their systems.

    As Chebucto introduces new services, it is becoming clear that more policies and agreements to cover them will be necessary to protect the rights and limit or offset liability for all parties. It is anticipated that 2001 will be even busier than 2000 was for the Policy Committee. Fortunately there is an active Policy Committee to deal with these issues as they arise.


    Andrew D. Wright
    Chair, Policy Committee
    Chebucto Community Net



    User Agreement:

    Neighbourhood Account Agreement:

    Draft of Proposed New By-laws: PASSED AND APPROVED - IN EFFECT AS OF JUNE 2001



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