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AGM 2003 Internal Committee Report
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Internal Committee Report

[Photo: Internal Committee Chair Reg Hody]  The past year has been an unsettled one for the Internal Committee, with the chairperson changing twice.

The general terms of reference for the Internal Committee are as follows:

  • Engage and involve the membership in the Chebucto Community Net
  • Promote the wide spread use of Chebucto Community Net resources
  • Provide information and instruction on the use of the Chebucto Community Net
  • Organize and orientate volunteers/contributers to the Chebucto Community Net

While the preceding points have been followed in general, the committee has done few things in particular to fulfill these terms.

Three old committees have been folded into the Internal Committee.

  1. Information Providers Committee (IPs): progress has been made in rationalization of IP accounts (135 paid, 45 no-charge), re-registering IPs who are still maintaining the old perpetual form (now at 72).

  2. Volunteer Committee: little progress has been made in implementing a volunteer database, but work with the Canadian Volunteer Initiative (CVI) should lead to interesting things in the year to come.

  3. Membership Committee: Hundreds of new members arrived when Dalhousie stopped providing dial-up service to staff and students. However, the number of text accounts has continued to drop. We currently have 1,883 accounts, an increase from 1,870 for 2002, but still not back up to the 2001 level (2,178 accounts). This is the first increase since 1996. An interesting statistic on new membership is that last year 1 Chebucto member in 10 was a new member, this year it is 1 in 5.

There have been plenty of good intentions and spirit, which will hopefully remain in the coming year.


Reg Hody
Chair, Internal Committee
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