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Policy Committee Report - AGM 2004
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Policy Committee Report
Chebucto Community Net Society
Annual General Meeting 2004

[Photo: Policy Committee Chair Andrew D. Wright]

The role of the Policy Committee is two-fold:

  • to address policy development and implementation issues; and
  • to address complaints or abuses about and by CCN members.

There were only two complaints against Chebucto Community Net users in 2004, neither of which was found by the Policy Committee to have merit.

The Policy Committee, like every other committee on Chebucto, has suffered in the past year from a lack of participation of volunteers and will have to recruit new volunteers in the coming year to properly fulfil its mandate.

Contest rules for our Solve 6 contest at the Word on the Street literacy festival were developed and successfully implemented in September 2004.

There was much discussion over the past year about Chebucto sign-up procedures for new accounts and about revising some membership categories.

A new User Agreement was developed by the Policy Committee to cover the particulars of the new and revised membership categories. It will be put into effect in the near future when some minor technical issues surrounding the new membership categories processing are resolved.

The former Sustaining membership category will be renamed to be Chebucto Plus membership, to avoid confusion with the text service Supporting category. In addition, a new category of Chebucto Plus membership will be offered - Chebucto Plus Quarterly - which will enable users to pay the Chebucto Plus membership fee in four installments.

A standard Chebucto Plus membership will be $100 per year, same as the present Sustaining membership. A Chebucto Plus Quarterly membership will be paid in four installments of $30 for a total of $120. This will help to offset the added administrative costs resulting from quadrupling the amount of membership processing necessary for the Quarterly membership and also gives an incentive for other members to pay their memberships in one payment.

The present Family Sustaining membership category ($200 per year) will no longer be issued, though existing Family Sustaining memberships can be renewed. In its place will be a new category called Chebucto Plus Family which will consist of:

  • One PPP dial-up account.
  • Up to six individual user accounts, each with 4 Mb mail space and 10 Mb file space.
  • Cost of $140 per year, with a second dial-up account available at $50 per year.
  • One vote at the AGM (Annual General Meeting).
  • Only one person is the signatory of the User Agreement for all other account holders in this membership.

It is hoped that this membership category will be more attractive and easier to sign up for families looking for Internet access than the old Family Sustaining membership. The Chebucto Plus Family membership will also be offered as a Quarterly plan (four payments of $40) assuming that the initial roll-out of regular Chebucto Plus Quarterly memberships goes well.


Andrew D. Wright

Policy Committee
Chebucto Community Net



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