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AGM 2005 Letter to Members
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Subject: New developments @ Chebucto Community Net
From: Chebucto Community Net
Date: March 24, 2006 8:12 PM


Our dear friends:

For 12 years now, the Chebucto Community Net has bridged the Digital Divide, providing Metro residents and people all over the world with access to all the benefits of the Internet. We're proud of our history and our Internet track record. The amount of information processed on Chebucto's servers and the range of lives affected and improved by it are cause for celebration among all of us.

In just under a month, we will hold what will be the most crucial Annual General Meeting ever for Chebucto. We have come to a turning point and we very much need you to come out for this meeting. We have an exciting announcement to make, a plan for a new kind of community net.

An official announcement for the AGM will be sent out to you closer to the date. But for now, please leave free the evening of Thursday, April 20, 2006. The meeting will be held in Room 1020 in the new Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building on University Avenue at 7 pm.

It goes without saying that a community net is only as strong as the will of its members to keep it alive. We don't receive public money. Only you can step up and pitch in to ensure the survival of Canada's second oldest community net. Your community net.

This is one Chebucto Annual General Meeting you can't afford to miss.


In other new developments, Chebucto users can look forward to getting expanded email quotas. Chebucto Plus members will have 1 GB of storage, or 250,000 times more space than now. Supporting members will get a bump to 500 MB of storage, Full members 200 MB and Assisted members go to 25 MB.

We will announce when the new quotas will go into effect a few weeks from now on Chebucto's News page, or use the G)o new shortcut (gnew) from Lynx on Chebucto's text service.

Increasing our mail quotas means a lot of changes in how mail on Chebucto is handled. PINE on the Chebucto text service will be updated and the recommended settings for accessing Chebucto email will change. Users planning on taking advantage of the larger mailboxes should switch their mail software to use IMAP rather than POP3, particularly on a dialup connection. We will have information posted when the time comes on how to do this.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be offering yet another new service - domain name registration. Now getting your own domain name could not be easier. You give us the name you want and we handle all the details. No fuss, no bother.

Terms and prices will be posted to our website soon.


Keep informed on the latest in Internet security news, program updates and Chebucto news with our RSS newsfeed:

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Your computer questions are answered in The Mousepad, our Sunday Herald newspaper column, now in its third year. Published every second week and archived here:

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