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AGM 2006 Notice
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Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 18:37:02 -0300
From: Chebucto Community Net
To: Chebucto Community Net
Subject: Notice of Chebucto AGM 2007

My name is Bernie Hart and I'm Chair of the Chebucto Community Net.

I would like to invite you to this year's Annual General Meeting of the Chebucto Community Net Society. It's to be held at 7:00 PM Thursday April 12, 2007 in Room 1020 of the Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building on the Dalhousie University campus, 6100 University Avenue, Halifax N.S.

We on the Board want to talk to you about the difficulties we have encountered over the past year and seek your advice and support for the year ahead.

We have exciting opportunities upcoming and we'll need your help in exploring them.

We are also looking for several new Board members and I ask that you as a Chebucto member give serious thought about volunteering to help run Chebucto as a Director on the Board.

Chebucto is your community net and your participation is very important. Please come on out Thursday evening.

Agenda of Meeting

1. Call to order

2. Minutes of the April 20, 2006 Annual General Meeting

3. Report from the Chair

4. Reports from Chairs of Policy and Technical Committees

5. Treasurer's Report

6. Election of Directors

7. Special Resolution: Amendments to Chebucto Community Net Society By-Laws

8. Recognition of Volunteer

9. Appointment of Auditor

10. Presentation in preparation for discussion

11. Discussion on Chebucto's future

12. Other business

13. Adjournment

All are welcome to attend this meeting. However, only members in good standing are eligible to vote on the motions presented or be nominated for office.

Notice of Special Resolution

Amendments to the Chebucto Community Net Society By-Laws have been proposed and will be voted on by Chebucto Community Net members by Special Resolution.

The Chebucto Community Net Society By-Laws can be found online here:

On Chebucto's text service, when using Lynx type gbylaws and hit Enter or Return to read the by-laws.

Rationale for proposed change to the By-Laws:

It is customary for organizations to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise a past Chair has accumulated during his/her time in office. In many cases the past Chair has served in other Executive positions on the Board and has a number of years of Board experience. Further as a result of activities he/she may have undertaken as Chair he/she may have knowledge of discussions, activities or negotiations which may not be known by any other Board member but will be valuable to the Board.

At the 2007 AGM a member of the Executive will move that clause 20, under "Officers" be amended so as to add the position of Past Chair to the list of Officers.

Proposed changes to the By-Laws:

[ 20. The Officers of the Society shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Past Chair. The offices of Treasurer and Secretary may be combined. The Officers with the exception of Past Chair shall be elected by the Directors from amongst their numbers at the first meeting of the Directors following each Annual General Meeting. The Directors may elect two persons to fill any position as an Officer, in which case that position shall be designated with "Co-" prior to the proper name of that Office. In such case, each individual filling that office shall have authority to exercise the full powers and authorities vested in that Office by these by-laws. ]

Further that clause 25 under Directors be amended so as to change the number twelve to thirteen.

[ 25. The number of Directors shall be thirteen. The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association of the Society shall be the first Directors of the Society. ]

Further that clause 29 be amended by adding after the word "Directors", "with the exception of the Past Chair".

[ 29. At the first annual general meeting of the Society and at every succeeding annual general meeting, those Directors, with the exception of the Past Chair, whose terms expire at that general meeting shall retire from office but shall hold office until the dissolution of the meeting at which their successors are elected and retiring Directors shall be eligible for re-election. ]








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