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Minutes of the 23 April 2008 AGM
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Minutes of the
Chebucto Community Net Society
Annual General Meeting
April 23, 2008.

Approved at the April 29, 2009 AGM.

The meeting was preceded by an excellent presentation by Ed Dyer. He focused on the practical implementation of the wireless service in the vicinity of Fenwick Tower in southend Halifax and future development based on the interest of community areas in other parts of the metro region.

The meeting was called to order by Bernie Hart at 8:10 pm.

Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting were circulated in the folder provided. Moved by Bernie Hart, seconded by Doris Balch that the minutes be accepted. Carried.

Report from the Chair (by Bernie Hart)

For the second year in a row Chebucto reported a deficit, but there is hope that implementation of a wireless service will help Chebucto retain members and bring new members on board.

Both the maintenance of the dial-up service and the development of the wireless service have largely been undertaken by Chebucto.s two staff members, Andrew Wright and Johnathan Thibodeau, and Technical Chair Ed Dyer. In mid 2007 dial-up service members saw their mailboxes double in size. Mail upgrades have thus far been able stem the tide or ever increasing Spam.

Chebucto continues to be in touch with other remaining Community Nets in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. The strength of the two in British Columbia is in part due to their close relationship with the Community Access Programme (CAP). Chebucto is seeking to regain effective contacts with HRM CAP and is exploring possible partnerships with other like-minded organizations.

Moved by Tony Cianfaglione, seconded by Doug Brown that the report be accepted. Carried

Report from the Policy Committee (by Andrew Wright)

The Policy Committee saw little activity during 2007. There were no complaints against individual users. The complaints from organizational mailing lists hosted on Chebucto came from AOL users, who had actually signed up for the mail but brought their complaints to CCN rather that contact the mailing list manager or unsubscribe themselves from the mailing list.

An issue not covered in the currenct user agreement, but raised by the implementation of the wireless Service, is one of internet connection sharing. In the Chebucto wireless service Internet connection sharing will be strictly forbidden.

Moved by Ed Dyer and seconded by Jim MacLennan that the report be accepted. Carried.

Technical Report (by Ed Dyer)

The most challenging and satisfying technical aspects accomplished during the past year were those associated with the implementation of the wireless or wifi system soon to be rolled out in the south end of Halifax in the vicinity immediately north west of Fenwick Tower.

Spam continues to increase. Its containment presents a challenge but so far Chebucto has been able to maintain a working filter system. Chebucto receives over 1 million spam messages most days. Scattered among this barrage we receive an estimated 5000-6000 legitimate messages per day, which represents about 0.5% of the total incoming mail. It is this latter mail that users receive in their inboxes. Any messages that our filtering identifies as suspicious will be delivered to the JUNKMAIL folder and automatically expunged after 30 days. Users can be review and delete junk messages or recover incorrectly assigned messages from the JUNKMAIL folder in the mailbox at anytime.

Moved by Tony Cianfaglione, seconded by Thérèse Mackintosh that the report be accepted. Carried.

Financial Report (by Alan Turner, Treasurer)

2007 was a financially disappointing year for Chebucto, the second on in row. The loss of income from memberships was compensated for by the fact that expenses were held to a minimum and there were no major equipment costs.

The financial situation experienced over the past two years is cause for concern. Membership, which is the source of Chebucto.s revenue, must be both increased and retained. The internet service cannot be continued indefinitely at a loss. Chebucto exists solely for the benefit of the members, but if the income derived from the membership is not sufficient to maintain the service the Society must suspend its operation.

Moved by Tony Cianfaglione, seconded by Jim MacLennan that the report be accepted. Carried.

Appointment of Auditor

It was proposed to continue with the current auditor Harnish Sutherland and Watt. Moved by Alan Turner, seconded by Ed Dyer. Carried.

Election of Directors

Four vacancies exist. Four names were put forward: Charles Schafer, Joseph Thomas, Maxwell Russell and Roswell James. There being no further nominations from the floor these members were declared elected by acclamation.

Recognition of Volunteer

Bernie Hart expressed deep appreciation for the commitment and untiring work Ed Dyer has given CCN throughout the years. Ed is stepping down from the Board, but will continue to work on the technical aspects of CCN. Bernie presented Ed with a wall plaque containing a modem from Chebucto.s initial communication system mounted above an engraved message of sincere thanks.

Other Business

Bernie Hart noted the seriousness of the membership loss over the past two years and hence the Society.s poor financial situation at present. He asked the members present to consider and be prepared to vote on the following statement he then read:

Whereas, it is only due to the financial donations made by the Board along with some members as well as the tremendous sacrifices by staff that Chebucto has been able to meet its expenses.

In order to survive Chebucto must retain the existing memberships and also enroll new members.

The Board will require the support of all members in advertising Chebucto services and in enrolling new members. Be it resolved that we the members of Chebucto attending the 2007 Annual General Meeting are aware of the financial difficulties being experienced by the Board and encourage them to continue the service.

Those present were unanimous in their agreement with the statement. After several minutes of discussion it was decided that a meeting focused on membership would be called within a month. It will be announced on the website but all members present would receive an email concerning the meeting.

Ed Dyer, on behalf of the group as a whole, voiced a sincere thank you to Deborah Dostal, the Director of Spencer Seniors Centre. The Society appreciated the opportunity to meet in the Centre.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm



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