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IP FAQs: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to the CCN
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IP FAQs: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to the CCN

The Chebucto Community Net has supported FTP (File Transfer Protocol) since the time that it was started, however, recent changes have added functionality to our FTP implementation and have made this protocol even more useful to Information Provider Editors. Here's a quick guide to its functionality.

For those not familiar with it, FTP is a protocol which allows one to move files (either text or binary) between two computers on a network. It is supported throughout the Internet and is typically used when one wishes to move a file created on your home computer to the CCN or vice versa. There are many FTP archives of applications and other useful files located across the Internet.

To use FTP you can employ any FTP client application such as WS_FTP on IBM systems or Fetch or Anarchie Pro on Macintosh systems. Unix machines typically have a shell ftp available and browsers such as Netscape Communicator have a so-called publish function which harnesses the FTP protocol and allows you to transfer files you may have created in Netscape directly to an on-line server.

FTP terminology is usually standardized so that GET refers to getting (i.e. downloading) a file from the server to your local system, whereas PUT refers to putting (i.e. uploading) a file from your local system to the server.

FTP to your user account

If you wish to FTP to your home use any FTP client you wish and open a connection to Login with your own CCN login and password and, presto, you will find yourself in your own private file directory. From there you can get or put files as you prefer.

Note: once a file has been placed (put) in you private file directory you can either work with it, move it, install it to your IP directory, include it as an Email attachment, etc.

If you are using a publish function such as that of Netscape, then (assuming your CCN login is zz011) the directory path you use (something which you can check for yourself by going to your file area) to FTP the file foobar.html is:

Again, use your own CCN login and password as appropriate in the client application.

For more information on using FTP with your user account check the FTP User FAQ.

FTP to your IP directory

If you wish to FTP to your IP file directory then, using a client FTP application as above, open a connection to Login with your own CCN login and password and you will find yourself in your own private file directory. There you will see a directory called 00ip. Change (or select) to this directory and you will see a list of symbolic links to all the IP directories that you have access to. Simply select the one you wish and once there get or put files there as you choose.

If you are using a publish function such as that of Netscape, then (assuming your CCN IP directory is located at /csuite/info/Test/Foobar/) the directory path you use to FTP the file index.html is:

Note: This FTP installation of a file to your IP directory is now identical to installing a file from your private file directory. It automatically creates and injects a <link> element into the file (if it is an HTML file) and creates and injects an RCS comment into the file. This RCS comments, which looks like:

<!-- $RCSfile: index.html,v 1.22 $ $Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 1999/07/06 00:32:37 $ $Author: zz011 $ -->

Is used by our Revision Control System to keep track of when the file was last modified, by whom, which version this is and what comments pertain to it, etc. It also prevents more than one user from simultaneously editing the file.

For further questions on the use of this resource, Email

Christopher Majka

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