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IP FAQs: Mailto Links and the CCN Mail Form
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IP FAQs: Mailto Links and the CCN Mail Form

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HTML Mailto Link

Mailto is a way which you can harness the email facility of the Internet from within the World Wide Web. It is used as part of an HTML anchor element to create a link to send an email message to a particular email address. Thus:

<A HREF=""></A>

Would send a an email message to In Lynx you will see a dialogue box of the form:

You are now sending a comment to:

Use Ctrl-G to cancel if you do not want to send a message

Please enter a subject line.
Use Control-U to erase the default.

Employing this link takes you out of the WWW browser you are using and into whatever email program is configured to work with it. Thus if you are using Lynx you are taken into PICO, the online text editor, where you can compose a message.

When you exit the text editor you follow the dialogue boxes to send the message to the party specified in the mailto link. If you are using Netscape to browse the WWW, selecting this link will bring into play Netscape's own email facility (or Eudora, etc.).

CCN Mail Form

The CCN Mail Form cgi-bin script can be used as an alternative to this HTML functionality. It allows you to exercise a little more control in the format of an EMail message.

Its address is:

And to use it you would employ a URL such as:

<A HREF="">Comments To John Doe </A>

This will call up the mail form:

     Preparing a Message to JOHN DOE <>

   Your email address or phone number is essential for a response.
   Email address:
   Phone number: ___________________________
   Name: ___________________________________
   Subject of your message: Comments from Some Page_____________
   Message (press RETURN for each line):

   Select to send your message to JOHN DOE

The seemingly cryptic charcters in this URL are HTML character references in hexadecimal code. The most frequent ones that you need to employ here are:

  • %20 = bar space
  • %3c = <
  • %3e = >
  • %40 = @
Other character codes can be found in standard HTML references.

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