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IP FAQs: Recent Changes to CCN Documents
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IP FAQs: Recent Changes to CCN Documents

A useful capacity to have in a website - particularly one in which there is a frequent change of information - is some way to direct your users' attention to recently changed, updated or added documents.

You can, of course, draw particular attention to changes on your home page or elsewhere, however, a very useful CCN feature is the cgi-bin recent script. You access this script via the URL:

Where 'Directory' = one or more CCN directories. Thus, for instance to see what changes may have taken place within the Culture directory you would follow the link:

This provides a listing of all documents that have changed in this directory over the past ten days viewed chronologically with the most recent dates shown first. It provides an auto-generated set of hyperlinks which will take users directly to the pages in question.

You can view the changes in more than one directory by conjoining them via the | (pipe) symbol. Thus recently revised documents in both Culture and Heritage directories would be accessed via:|Heritage)

This script looks for both new documents which may have been installed in the past ten days and documents that may have been edited in this time period. To determine this it checks with the Revision Control System (RCS) files. Remember that if you so much as added or deleted a single period in a document, this counts as an editing change and consequently this document will be listed via the recent script.

For further questions on the use of this resource, EMail

Christopher Majka


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