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IP FAQs: Finding Information with the CCN Search Form
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IP FAQs: Finding Information with the CCN Search Form

A very useful CCN script which all website administrators can take advantage of is the CCN search script (acessed via the [Find] button on all CCN pages). This script checks the contents of files in a directory or directories looking looking for a key word or phrase and then reports back with a list of documents which contain this word or phrase.

You access this script via the URL:

Where Directory = one or more CCN directories. Thus the routine examines one or more directories for a word or phrase which is specified by the user. When you engage the routine (in this instance for the Culture directory) you are given the following dialogue box:

                    Search Chebucto Community Net Documents

Restrict Search to Culture Area

   Type in one or more words to search for. Unless you change the search
   options below, the search will be for documents that contain all the
   words that you type.

   Type in your query: ______________________________

   When you are ready: Start Searching

   Find documents that contain [all words in query]

   Clear the Form

   The above is a fill-out form. Select an entry as you would a link.
   More [1]help on fill-out forms is available.

You have the following options in relation to the key phrase:

  1. all words in query (the default)
  2. any word in query
  3. query as a phrase
The results you receive (chosing in this instance the key word dance look like:

Results of Your Query on "dance"

This, then, provides an auto-generated set of hyperlinks which will take users directly to the pages in question.

You can engage this script for use in your own IP directory (or some subdirectory) as a service to users who can then search via keyword or phrase for content that relates to their particular interest.

You can search in more than one directory by conjoining them via the | (pipe) symbol. Thus one would look in both Culture and Heritage directories via:|Heritage)

Note: The CGI search script works from an index which is prepared from a routine run by CRON at 5:00 AM. Thus changes you make to your documents will not be reflected in the search results until the CRON is run again.

For further questions on the use of this resource, EMail

Christopher Majka


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