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Domain and Sub-Domain Usage Policy and Fees
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Sub-Domains are a form of Virtual Domain Name which do not require an external internet registrar or registration, unlike regular domain names. Sub-Domain names take the form of a name preceding the main domain name, separated by a dot. For example, is a sub-domain of the domain .

The Chebucto Community Net can offer sub-domains for all domains owned by Chebucto. The following policy on usage and the Fee Schedule was approved by the Chebucto Board of Directors on 12 March 2002.,

These domain names would remain for internal Chebucto use only. Chebucto will not give out sub-domain names to outside clients or mail redirection using these two Chebucto domain names. Standard URLs like remain the same.

Technical Committee test domain names would take the form NAME.test.chebucto.EXTENSION

Available to individuals and families as Virtual Family Seats, taking the form (where FAMILYNAME can be any family name, all lower case letters), which may be set to point to any Chebucto webspace. Email aliases will be available, taking the form For example, Jane Smith could have the sub-domain name pointing to her own website and have the email alias which may be set to redirect mail to any mail account Jane Smith chooses. The entire Smith family could have such email redirects and use them as a permanent mail address no matter what Internet Service Provider anywhere in the world they had an email account with. These email redirects could be changed to point to any new email address the user prefers as they change their real email account from time to time. Chebucto reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any email redirection at its discretion.

Families wishing to set up a non-profit Clan website using the family sub-domain name would be welcome to apply for a Non-Profit Neighbourhood Account.

Non-profit organizations and Chebucto's own charitable activities could use sub-domains of the form, where NAME would be replaced by the organization name or acronym in lower case letters and would point to the organization's Chebucto webspace. Email aliases of the form would be available to the organization and could be set to redirect to any real mailbox. Only actual non-profit organizations hosted on Chebucto could get names representing them, so that for example only the real Red Cross (to pick a name out of the air) could have the sub-domain and its associated email aliases.

Groups meeting the criteria for the Non-Profit Basic Neighbourhood Account fee waiver could have their sub-domain name fee waived also if they wished to have one. sub-domains are available for For-Profit small business use and would take the form where BUSINESSNAME would be replaced by a business name in lower case letters and point to Chebucto For-Profit Neighbourhood account webspace. Email aliases of the form would be available and could redirect mail to any real mail account anywhere.

Reserved for Chebucto-based information resources, sub-domains would take the form, where NAME would be replaced by the information resource name or acronym in lower case letters. Email aliases of the form would be available.



Outside Domain Name
and Email Redirection

Chebucto can provide domain name redirection for any valid registered domain name not already pointing to a host webspace. The domain name would direct web traffic to webspace hosted on a different Internet Service Provider.

Chebucto can also provide email redirection for addresses at valid registered domain names that do not already have email redirection configured with another Internet Service Provider. These email redirects could be configured to point to any real mailbox on any Internet Service Provider. Chebucto reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any outside domain name redirection or email aliasing at its discretion.


Fee Schedule

Regular Domain Name
[Requires valid Domain Name registration]
$100 per year, $25 one-time setup charge. More
Sub-Domain Name $20 per year, except as noted above for qualifying Non-Profit accounts
Mail redirection to registered Sub-Domain Name $10 per year per alias address
Outside Domain Name Redirection
[Requires valid Domain Name registration]
$50 per year
Mail redirection to Outside Domain Name
[Requires valid Domain Name registration]
$15 per year per alias address


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