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Bulk Mail

David Benoit reported that the test version of bulk-mail was working better. It is based on a client and server model. When a message is entered into the system, it is first delivered to all users logged in at the time, and to all who are set for mail-forward, by reading csuite/log/forwards. Then the message is entered for delivery at subsequent login time for all other users, subject to a specified expiry. Non-existent users are handled.

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A new beta version of Lynx will be installed soon, based on the current Lynx 2.6 distribution.

Editor's Note

Selection will be via the mailing list mechanism, as before. The beta-lynx mailing list provides a means for feedback, so that bugs and problems can be reported; as before, only users who wish to participate in the testing and provide feedback should be using the beta version. After a testing period, the new version will become standard for all users, so those who do not wish to participate in testing will get the new features soon.

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A version of the Chebucto Site (main pages) has been prepared in French and is available for test viewing. The French version will be selected according to your Language preference in Lynx. Translation is continuing on pages, and Lynx will support French messages. The key-map will not be changed at this time. Work is also proceeding on the French interface for Pine, although that is a major task, involving some 5000 messages.

A form input for Lynx settings is under development by James K...


Scripts are also being translated. Bash 2.0 supports alternate languages, so multi-lingual scripts will begin with #!@@@BASH-2.0@@@ and substitution using environment variables (as $"....") will occur.

Script sh2po invokes bash-2.0 with the -D option, which creates a po file for the script, in the form

msgid "English Version"
msgstr ""
The translator then edits in the alternate version. Then script msgfmt compiles the translated po file to "messages" and it is copied to the appropriate language directory: /usr/local/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ where lynx.mo will contain the lynx messages, etc. The subdirectory below .../locale/ (fr in this case) is based directly on the ISO language specifier, and so we will become open to other languages as well.

Emacs can create a .po file for C programs, and there are mechanisms to incorporate the translations there as well.

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New issues:

Various forms of HTML Comments (valid, minimal, historical)

David Murdoch reported on the next weeks plans. He, along with James and Andrew, were planning a fresh install on landon, of Debian Linux and CSuite. They plan to carefully document the install, so that a future step will be to have a new user do the install with observation by the test team. Volunteers at levels of decreasing sophistication will be needed, to test install and log comments and problems.

Creating a user by hand, and an IP by hand, would be a good manual experience for a new system manager.

Andrew is preparing a form for feedback.

Restart of partial install not working.

Need volunteers to check out the character sets for French under various operating systems - MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Win95, Macintosh, Unix, ...

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Many things :)

The CVS change-log pages are now available. ....

Pine 3.95 has some problems. Sean Garrigan is working on it.

Need to document the various system support groups

and policy regarding access for each to parts of the system and the network. Also appropriate use of security access controls - Unix permissions, htaccess, sudo.

Gerard is working on the Start Page concept, based on lynx-cgi.

Remote functionality - Project available.

Propose future "Certified User-Help Technician I, II, III)" courses, and designations.

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Submitted by Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca
Workshop Coordinator David J Murdoch djm@chebucto.ns.ca