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Landon Boyd reported that Change Logs derived from the CVS comments can now be viewed at http://csuite.chebucto.ns.ca/CSuite/changes. Developers are asked to make their check-in comments useful and appropriate for monitoring the status of development, since this page is publicly accessible, and will form the basis for the Version Release Notes.

While we're on the subject of CVS and changes, we reviewed the check-out/check-in procedure. To checkout the script "shell", for example:

~$ cvs co -l csuite/bin/shell
      # -l (L) inhibits recursion
      # don't use / before path
~$ cd csuite/bin
~/csuite/bin $ vi shell
      # edit and check as needed
~/csuite/bin $ cvs commit shell
      # verify that changes as reported make sense
      # if you quit here you can abort the commit, 
      # to pick up the editing again;
      # cvs also requests your change documentation here

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Version Mix-ups

With all the changes to update and tupdate, CVS and RCS, we have been getting a number of reports that certain users are unable to properly edit their pages. In order to reduce the strain on system maintenance, a decision has been made ;-) not to keep the special editing capabilities of "update" current. To review:

Users who login with shell use update
# these are the regular CCN users
# and most IP editors
Users who login with tshell use tupdate
# these are VCN users,
# most members of CCN-TECH team,
# most of HelpDoc team, (except for shell prompt users)
# and a few others.
Users who login with shell prompt need to set up their environment correctly to use tupdate and/or CVS as needed.
# this includes the development group.
# some of whom also perform administrative functions.
The RCS and CVS archives have been relocated, for the bin and Help directories. If you work in either of those areas, you must use tupdate, or your work will not be archived correctly, and will be overwritten if a tupdate user subsequently edits the same files, even at a later date. If you work in a bin area or in Help, then arrange to be in the correct group!

Locations of RCS Archives

Please verify this !
for Help/x.html
CVS Repository
Archived RCS directories
If your files are not correctly archived, and editing is not working correctly, please make sure that the matter is resolved before doing further editing, lest your work be lost :(
The other versions of the RCS directories are available, and can be transferred, so please ask if there is a problem in your area.

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Lynx messages in French in the version on csuite are now approximately 95% complete. David Trueman gave a Demonstration, using the visiteur account, which corresponds to the guest account in English. A new password is available for those who would like to test out the new French Lynx and French pages.

Sean Garrigan is about to prepare the translation files for Pine. An interesting problem has arisen in regard to licensing, as the internationalization scheme we are using is distributed under GNU GPL, whereas Pine's licensing is somewhat more confining. A method to keep the translation code separate from the Pine sources is being developed, that will not drag Pine under the GPL.

Apache appears to be our best choice for http server for the distribution. It supports installable modules for other services. A $VOLUNTEER is needed to evaluate requirements for internationalization.

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Zmailer and Majordomo

It has been found necessary to include working versions of Zmailer and Majordomo in the distribution, as problems have arisen in the standard version. Work is continuing.

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David Murdoch on testing: Andrew and Landon will prepare a document from the install notes from last week's annotated installation.

Test scripts are now in place to check the file browser and IP approval.

Ispell has been run non-interactively for testing, so a useful test will be to run lynx on a portion of the file tree, in traversal mode, and run Ispell on the output. Checks for improper substitution, hard coded paths, and ccn elements remaining in the distribution will also be done.

More $VOLUNTEERS are needed for writing test scripts, contact David Murdoch, djm@chebucto.ns.ca, Testing Manager.

There are some scripts which will need modification, in not so straight-forward ways.
Where scripts have done an echo that runs over several lines, that echo will need to be quoted, and any internal quotes escaped.
Gawk treats our internationalization syntax as legitimate input, so a work-around needs to be developed. David T will look at internationalizing gawk.
Where scripts have done a cat on a "shell here document", we will need to use a quoted echo.

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Chebucto User Manual

The Manual has been updated, on the version in Help/guide.html. Ed will make a few copies with a feedback request printed on them, broken down by chapters, for hand out at the Internet Show to selected reviewers, with a log sheet, so that we can collect feedback.

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