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Just In Time Mail

David Benoit and Carrie Gates presented a demo of progress on their jitMail system, which will provide delivery of bulk messages as each user logs in. Those following the development activities will recognize this as the evolution of the previous "bulk mail" project, with a name that more clearly represents its purpose.

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Development in Progress

Translation much slower than expected :(
Problems handling variable substitutions, as the alternate language syntax might locate the variables differently from English, and handle pluralization differently.
Carrie Gates reported that version 1.2b4 is running as main httpd on csuite.chebucto.ns.ca, with language preference recognition. She is working on internationalization of Apache's user messages.
Lynx Setup Page
The version of lynx in csuite:~jkeast/lynx2-6/lynx has the new Forms-based Setup page, for testing. The version is otherwise, at this date, raw lynx 2-6.
login as visiteur on csuite
Set character-set in lynx appropriate to your terminal emulation's capabilities. On a Macintosh, probably use Mac 8-bit, on a PC use appropriate Code Page to correspond with your display setting.
Only this version of lynx has been internationalized.
Start Page
no progress
plan to make a Grand Transition on CCN after 1.0 release
Start Page,
Lynx 2.6 International,
Pine 3.95 international,
translated pages
Passwd / quota / zmailer
shared library is built
passwd looks at shadow password file
router still dumps core
CSuite Database
Andrew Dacey is building forms to report system configurations on which CSuite is successfully built, along with bug report forms.
A user list will help us to be more pro-active in follow-up with the user community.
It was suggested that MSQL be used as a "proper database engine" to handle this requirement.
uname -a and the Posix interfaces can be used to retrieve most of the configuration data needed for the database.
Some tests require parts of several branches to create a successful logical test.
Make is under consideration as the tool to control those tests.
Make session planned for Thursday February 6.
Function deadline
Monday February 10 was named as the deadline for adding functionality to beta 1.0
Then full testing, bug fixing and finalize install procedures.
Support center plan
David Potter will investigate the RUST problem tracking system and report.

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Submitted by Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca
Workshop Coordinator David J Murdoch djm@chebucto.ns.ca