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Mailing-List Archives

As planned, we began a discussion of the Chebucto Mailing-List Archives system.

The current strategy uses a script as a subscriber to the mailing list, which changes to the directory specified, and passes the message to a script called arch2html, which indexes the article based on its Subject thread, and adds a header and footer which include html links to previous and next articles in both chronological order of the list, and order in the subject thread as well as a mailto link to the writer. End of thread and end of archive are handled. Recently the archives have been placed in monthly sections, and often relocated to other areas, typically IP areas.

The IP committee has requested we look at the feasibility of a tool to extract inappropriate posts from the archives, and segregate an archive into two or more separate archives. Other lists have been interested in this from time to time.

Needs for Archives

Possible Strategies

Final Question

How important is this task at this time?

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Development in Progress

Hit a bug :(
Will not compile
Waiting for info from passwd maintainers
Integrating in distribution
Dumps core
David Trueman is working on it :)
Translation in progress
Running as main httpd on csuite.chebucto.ns.ca
Installed on Linux machines
Not tested
Note: guest quota is used as "template" for user setup. Since guest has no file-saving options, this is not a problem.
Note: need to document / suggest how to define partition sizes so that quotas work effectively
Start Page
Seeking input
Report next week
Review copies were printed and distributed by Joe Baker and Doug Rigby at last week's Internet show. A log of reviewers was to be kept.
Some feedback has been coming in to helpdoc mailing list.
David Potter will follow up with Tony, Joe and Doug.
Help Desk
makesub has been run on the HelpDesk tree, and the documents loaded in the repository, so all should be substituted and editable by the HelpDoc team.
David Potter will check for incomplete substitutions and other problems.
VCN host-names
The post office has received reports of change in VCN taking effect after a long time (12 hours) or never (weeks). Explanation unknown.

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Development Ideas

For Translation
Registration Scripts
Provide a language choice option early in process.
Switch to appropriate language version of Registration Process.
Set Lynx language preference in user account creation.

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Submitted by Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca
Workshop Coordinator David J Murdoch djm@chebucto.ns.ca