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Changes for CCN

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Bookmarks in Lynx 2.6

Lynx 2.6 supports multiple bookmarks as an alternative to the single bookmark file supported in Lynx 2.4.
Options in Lynx Setup
OFF -> single bookmark file
STANDARD -> 26 optional files
ADVANCED -> 26 files without prompts
As we implement Lynx 2.7, for distribution 1.0, the functionality will need to be double checked.

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CSuite Beta Report

Current status information on CSuite is available through http://csuite.chebucto.ns.ca/CSuite/changes

Current issues as of February 26

Beta Release

Discussion ensued about when to release the Beta for other sites to try. It was concluded that we should fix as many bugs as possible (with the observation that the bug discovery rate was rapidly decreasing ;-) and test the new Help Desk module. Then a fresh install would be made, with fresh Linux, on owen-sound for another round of testing.

A list of Debian packages needed for the operating system installation is to be prepared, for reference in the installation, based on the Debian 1.2 level.

An estimate of disk partition sizes will also be provided. Based on our experience on CCN, this is what we came up with:

estimate based on n = number of sessions, w = size of Xwindows distribution, solve for x, which is a function of number of users to be supported
partitionsizenotesquotas 2GB example
root 50 + x/4160
swap 32 + nmax. single swap size 128
usr 100 + w w=Xwindows (if installed)100
var/log 50 + x/4 log area - grows160
csuite 200 csuite files, help, services200
home 50 + x users' directories Quotas500
mail 50 + x/2 users' mail Quotas275
info 100 + x IP area 550
for a 2 GB drive, x works out to about 450 MB

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Submitted by Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca
Workshop Coordinator David J Murdoch djm@chebucto.ns.ca