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This meeting was best characterized by "lots of discussion" ;-)

CSuite Beta Report

CSuite 1.0-beta-1.0 is ready to roll!

See the Announcement on the CSuite-Dev mailing list. Those wishing to participate in this very short beta testing round should send a note containing only "Subscribe CSuite-Dev" to majordomo@chebucto.ns.ca for on-going discussion.

CSuite 1.0-beta-1.0 Status

Clean install

Chebucto Suite installs, using scripts and its own version of lynx, driving a forms-based interface, cleanly on Debian Linux 1.2 (Kernel 2.0.29) with these packages installed.


CSuite has now undergone a major testing effort, with both automated and manual evaluation. We have a shrinking list of those few links and features that have not undergone automated testing :( but these should mainly be tested by the end of the beta testing cycle. Exceptions may be the year-end testing, and some functions which are triggered by exception conditions, but which have been developed and demonstrated on our sponsor's host Chebucto Community Network.

New license

There will be a new license agreement which clarifies and expands upon the terms of the previous version.====link====


We are requiring certain placement of links on a couple of areas. First, a CSuite acknowledgement will appear first on the site's acknowledgements page, or second if an acknowledgement to the site's own volunteers appears first.

New Features

Many new features will abound.

Beta changes

Change information on CSuite during the beta cycle will be available through http://csuite.chebucto.ns.ca/CSuite/changes/

Disk Partitioning

Here is a proposed disk partitioning scheme (revised from last week.) Based on our experience on CCN, this is what we came up with, for a small Community Net with say 500 to 1000 members. To support additional users, proportionally more disk space would be needed. It is assumed that access to a separately hosted news server is available.

estimate based on n = number of sessions, w = size of Xwindows distribution, solve for x, which is a function of number of users to be supported; for a 2 GB drive, x works out to about 466 MB. All sizes in MBytes unless specified.
partitionsizenotesquotas 2GB example
swap mem + 2nmaximum single swap partition
average user session 2-3 MB
/var/log 50 + x/4 log area - grows; includes csuite/log
separate so it doesn't overrun the system
/, /usr, csuite, info may be combined to taste
/ 50 + x/4includes /tmp 164
/usr 100 + w no room for Xwindows in example 100
csuite 200 csuite files, help, services 200
info 50 + x mainly IP areas, maybe shared with help and servicesOptional 516
home 50 + x users' directories Yes516
mail 50 + x/2 users' mail Yes284

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CyberSound System

Owen Sound's CyberSound Community Net temporary address will be our first formal 1.0-beta-1.0 test site. The partitions will be rebuilt according to the above scheme, and Linux and CSuite installed March 6. Drivers for the multiport board need to be updated. Initial testing by the Owen Sound team will commence thereafter, and then the system will be shipped out.

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Submitted by Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca
Workshop Coordinator David J Murdoch djm@chebucto.ns.ca