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Bug Reporting System

Andrew Dacey reported that a new form was being built for inclusion in the distribution that would accept a problem description, and collect system information, which would be together submitted by mail to bugs@csuite.chebucto.ns.ca "bugs" will be an alias mail-list until a routine is built to extract the information into a bug reports database.

After discussion it was decided that the form should be organized to place the most important information first, decreasing in likely importance down the report, in order to aid human interpretation.

Sean and James are investigating use of MSQL and checking the distribution terms to see if we can distribute it under our terms.

A support database is urgently needed to track the installation and help issues, and bug reports, with capability to review the history and search for issues, and track progress.

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Landon is experimenting with the patcher capability. Currently he has the system fetch the patch from http://csuite.chebucto.ns.ca/~landon/patches/. More results to come.

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CD production

David Murdoch, Landon Boyd, and Ed Dyer attended an introductory seminar on production of CD's at the Dalhousie Digital Video Centre (DVC). It appears that it would be possible to make useful trial versions using the centre's equipment. Landon reported that he was working on a boot disk that could bring the system up using Linux. He is leaning toward Red Hat Linux at this point, and we need to check out whether we can distribute a useful subset of (Red Hat or other) Linux on the CD along with our CSuite distribution. A floppy disk might be distributed with the CD to boot right into the installation process.

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CCN Upgrade

Three routes to upgrading CCN are under consideration.
New Machine
provides an opportunity to do a CSuite install to a new system, while preserving the existing user/data environment.
Split load
Install an Intel machine to handle httpd,
NFS mount the "info" file system to CCN.
can be relatively transparent
possibly transfer other services as well, such as terminal service.
prove scalability of CSuite for larger sites.
Processor upgrade
requires Solaris
significant changes, will probably break some functions.
We need to explore these options in more detail, and prepare a proposal for the Board.

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