CSuite Workshop Notes - April 9, 1997

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Development freeze for CSuite 1.0 is scheduled for Friday, April 18, 1997. Final testing of the package will occur over the weekend, with anticipated shipping date on Monday April 21.

TC97 Workshop Planning

CCN is hosting a workshop at Telecommunities 97 on CSuite. A full day's session, the workshop will be held on August 15, the day preceding the Conference. A preliminary outline for the workshop was drawn up.

TC97 CSuite Workshop draft outline

break - 10 minutes


break - 15 minutes

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Bug Reporting

Progress was reported in building the bug-report system.

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landon reported on his progress with automated patching The current Z-mailer demonstration patch works in 5 steps

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Windsor Setup

Windsor West Hants Community Net has graduated from a VCN of Chebucto to a stand-alone CSuite site. Users are now on the system, but some problems are being experienced.

The CSuite mailing lists were reviewed:
All the current lists are run by majordomo@chebucto.ns.ca

Announcements of new developments in CSuite
Discussion of Development issues for CSuite. Includes Workshop notes, wish lists, implementation discussions
A place to get help with installation. Once installed, then move on to csuite-setup for Post install questions.
Get help with post-installation issues, bugs, etc.
CSuite Testing reports, results of testing, and responses.
csuite-bugs (not yet implemented)
Automated bug reports

David Murdoch will run remote tests for WWHCN

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CCN Upgrade

Discussion continued on the available upgrade routes.

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CCN en francais

Tshell users can now access beta pine and lynx in French
The httpd has been replaced with a bilingual Apache version.
Several other changes had to be made to vars, cs-lib, etc.
Urlstats and the httplogsum scripts have been updated to handle VCN's and aliases.

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Submitted by Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca
Workshop Coordinator David J Murdoch djm@chebucto.ns.ca