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CSuite Workshop - October 1, 1997

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Project List Thread

To capture a better sense of where we want to go with the various development items on our agenda, it was agreed that a Thread (on CSuite-dev) to capture proposed projects (and to act as a reservoir of potential projects for developers to pick up. This should be especially valuable for engaging new CS students and others with the group.)

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Pico filename option

It was suggested that the old option -p for Pico, to suppress the filename query on saving the result of an edit, should be resurrected, for use in the new "lupdate" editor script. This is especially relevant for the comments, which are generated in a /tmp file, and for which there is no purpose in allowing a user to change the filename.

The discussion raised the question of file copying on CCN. Often a user may wish to make a copy of a file to serve as a template for a new file or a new version, and there is no documented method of doing so, other than the workaround of editing the file, and saving the result to a new filename. As this seems a reasonable, if not efficient, strategy it would be desirable for lupdate to allow such a filename change, which cannot be done in the current version, as it edits a copy of the file in /tmp. Appropriate modification of other methods should also be provided, so that a straight copy could be made (e.g. Lynx key or menu item)

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Beta-lynx Problems

IP installs from beta-lynx fail. Further details are available in the beta-lynx mailing list.

Several functions do not work correctly, in the "fr" language setting, or the same as they do in the "en" setting.

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Request Tracking System

There is a priority need for the RTS to be set up, with two separate databases and access lists, one for CCN, one for CSuite. --> CG

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New Server

Discussion about file sharing between chebucto.ns.ca and the new server concluded that a satisfactory completion of the install was needed, then NFS mounts (csuite/info, csuite/home) could be done. A private network link between the two machines might improve performance.

A status report is needed. (JF, DT, LB)

Transfer of services - http is suggested first, with NFS mount.

Trent will be asked to install new memory in the new server.

DT will do the NFS mounts.

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CSuite Site Updates

Two issues were noted with regard to site updates:

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CVS access

The option of remote access to our CVS archive brought up a long discussion on methods of securing access to that material. At this point we have not resolved all of the authentication issues, but it is an item we should work towards. In the meantime, local access arrangements will be discussed as necessary.

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