National Day of Action
Solidarity Vigil
June 29, 2007
Coalition members and allies stood at the Halifax entrance to the MacDonald Bridge to express solidarity with First Nations taking action today.  Check back soon for more info and news resports.  
Provincial Leaders Receive Flags In Support of Kelowna Accord

April 3, 2007
A delegation of Coalition members met with provincial government representatives today to urge them to advocate for the implementation of the Kelowna Accord provisions.
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Kelowna Accord Needs Your Support!
March 23, 2007
Our recent panel discussion on Aboriginal rights resulted in a simple action you can take right now.
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Aboriginal Rights: Which Way Forward?
March 21, 2007
Panel discussion with Sakej Henderson, Viola Robbins, and Jaime Battiste a success
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So, you're white...
and you think racism is not your problem?

We think it is.

The Metro Coalition for a Non-Racist Society is a small local group of primarily white people in Halifax, NS, Canada. It is based on the idea that we as white people are responsible for

  • stopping the ways we perpetuate racism
  • starting to take action against racism in society, and
  • educating ourselves and each other.
  • We believe that racism can exist not only in blatant acts of hatred, but also in subtle incidents of ignorance, in the structure of society's institutions, and sometimes even in well-intentioned but misinformed attempts to help. If racism is to end, white people must actively support struggles against racism and eradicate systemic racism in white-dominated society and in ourselves.

    We also believe that we as individuals have the power to take responsibility for our actions, and we collectively have the power to influence our institutions for the better.