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As our sisters explore and grow
We have so often repeated and entrenched
As our sisters share and cry
We have so often said "I'm OK" and cracked a joke
As our sisters overcome their fear of male strength
We have so often reacted fearful of loss of control
As our sisters have banded together
We have so often gone our own ways
As our sisters change and grow
We have so often frozen and shrunk
As our sisters become whole
They look for men - whole men - and find
We have so often remained a part.

The first step is letting go
Of the fear that should we grow
We will no longer be a man
We will no longer know our path
We will no longer control.
And yet in letting go we grow
In letting go we find our perfect path
In not controlling we find freedom
In being whole we find love for the first time.

In letting go we feel and are alive.

Denis H. Nixon

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