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Education Programs to Prevent Violence

bulletHot Links to Progressive Violence Prevention Programs
bulletLet's Talk about It - A Teen Friendly Guide to Preventing Sexual Violence
bulletSexual Assault: Dispelling the Myths

Youth Gangs

bulletGang Activity at School Prevention
bulletTeacher Talk Magazine: Gang Edition
bulletResearch on Gangs

Web-sites that Deal With Conflict

bulletADOL's Conflict and Violence Page
bulletConflict Resolution Consortium Information Exchange
bulletConflict Resolution/Peer Mediation
bulletConflictNet Home Page
bulletDispute Resolution Re sources
bulletGlobal Peace and Conflict Studies at UC Irvine
bulletPeer Resources Home Page
bulletProgram on Negotiation (Harvard)
bulletInstitute for the Study of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ISADR)
bulletIAN Web Resources - Peace and Conflict Resolution
bulletICRC Home Page
bulletInstitute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
bulletInstitute for Dispute Resolution:
bulletJournal of Mediation, Conciliation, and Conflict Resolution:

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