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December 6th Victims Foundation Against Violence

The day a young man of 26 decided that the feminists must be punished for opening access to university education for women, who would have thought that this decision was going to cost fourteen young women engineers their lives? Who could have foreseen that the lives of our daughters was going to be sacrificed? Should we just sit back and accept that, each year, in Quebec alone, 9 000 women and children must seek refuge in battered women's shelters? Must we accept that, each year in Canada, over 100 women die in domestic violence? Is it acceptable that one Canadian woman out of two has been physically or sexually assaulted after the age of sixteen? It is perhaps time that we put all our energies into concrete action rather than into moral condemnation of such acts. To sigh over violence is one thing, to find the proper solutions to correct the situation is an enormous challenge.

If violence has become ever present and its victims numerous, the latter are more often than not forgotten and their rights trampled upon, whereas the killers get all the legal protection, they are glorified, immortalized by the press, by literature and by the movie industry.

The December 6th, 1989 tragedy has cost the lives of fourteen women. These young women had built dreams, were ambitious and talented. Blossoms they were, mowed down before they were allowed to fulfill these dreams.

The mandate of the December 6th Victims Foundation Against Violence is twofold: The first ensures the continuation of the December 6th commemoration in the framework of the "National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women." Whereas the second focuses on prevention of all forms of violence and in particular, the violence directed to women and children.

The Foundation plays an active role in changing our society. The parents of the December 6th victims would wish that the tragedy never be forgotten, lest it may repeat itself. We must remember so as to learn from past experiences and take corrective measures for the future. Prevention is the key word here!

Commemorative concerts
The Foundation has established a yearly tradition of commemorative choral concerts on the night of the 6th of December, called "In Concert for Reflection". These are staged in a stunningly attractive church and create a link between religion and culture. Our commemorations are always beautiful and dignified, worthy of the memory of our daughters.

Production of a Video
A videocassette entitled "Youngsters Solutions to Sexism and Violence" was jointly produced with the C.E.Q. (Centrale des Enseignantes et Enseignants du Quebec) and Pacijou, an organization which promotes the use of peaceful toys. The video was the second phase of a composition contest in Quebec high schools in which youngsters were asked to chose one of four sexist or violent situations taken from their daily lives and find solutions to them. The video was then produced from the proposed youngsters solutions as a starting point, and is to be used as a tool to provoke structured in-class discussions on the subject of violence, sexism and racism. The overall goal is to teach youngsters how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Gun Control
The December 6th Victims Foundation Against Violence has been in the forefront of the struggle for stricter gun control in Canada, where its president, Mrs. Suzanne Laplante Edward, through intense lobbying and participation in study sessions in preparation of the new gun law C-17, was able to present the point of view of firearms victims.

Conferences and Workshops
Mrs. Laplante Edward is invited everywhere in Canada to give conferences and workshops on the theme of violence.


Become a friend by making a donation to the December 6th Victims Foundation Against Violence and receive information on our activities.


The December 6th Victims Foundation Against Violence 4774 Meloches Street Pierrefonds, P. Q. H9J 1Y8 Fax (514) 626-9972

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