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A man stumbles weakly down the path
Crippled by his pain
He falls, expires, and fades away
Ne'er to be seen again

His heart remains upon the ground
Wounded with despair
It starts to sing a lonely song
That fills the empty air

The song it sings brings sadness there
The birds and trees they cry
The clouds turn sad and gloomy
Tears fall from the sky

The rain pours down for days and days
It doesn't want to end
A miracle is needed here
For this heart to mend

A boy skips happily down the path
And happens on this spot
He stops and listens to this song
And wonders what is what

He sees this heart upon the ground
Its wound a frightful sight
He ponders what to do with it
He wants to make things right

The child bends down, picks up the heart
And cradles it against him
The heart stops singing for a moment
Astonished at the whim

The boy looks at this bleeding heart
He's holding in his arms
And gently touches the wounded part
So as not to raise alarm

The heart it blinked, then smiled at him
The warmth of this boy's touch
His fingers trace the wound and scars
The heart needs this so much

The wounds and scars they disappear
The pain begins to die
The child’s love heals the heart
It let out a happy cry

The heart's song now changed its tune
All mended by this boy
It sang a song of love and hope
It sang the song with joy

The boy he laughed and held it close
This heart now healed and whole
He tucked it deep inside his chest
And joined it with his soul


--Alan Chilton., 1998/10/7


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