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Repressing Emotions

There are several techniques that we may use to repress our emotions. Consider the example of ending a relationship with an intimate partner as you reflect on the following descriptions:

Intellectualization: Using logic and keeping everything on the thinking level dealing with feelings by thinking or talking about them in an abstract or third person. Denial phrases like, "I'm over her (him) and there are of plenty of fish in the sea.

Rebounding: Starting up another relationship immediately especially sexaully based and if your new partner is a caretaker personality who will take care of you and take on the responsibility for your emotional needs.

Avoidance: Keeping busy with doing, working and other distractions from the time it can take to stay with the emotional experiences

Denial: Telling others and ourself that we are okay and 'finished' with our feelings on the matter.

Demonizing: Dwelling on the problems of the other person to alleviate our own participation and to gain sympathy for 'our side' of the story. Could totally blame the other person even though there may be mutual responsibility.

Drugs: Using substances to numb our feelings by drinking or taking drugs.


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