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Men Abused by Women


As a profeminist organization, Men For Change believes that:

The statistics that men and women perpetrate acts of family violence equally (50/50) fly in the face of the overwhelming evidence that the vast majority of violence against women, children and other men is perpetrated by men and that the 50/50 stats do a disservice to the genuine stories of men suffering abuse at the hands of their female intimate partner.
The battle of who's stats are the truth can't be won and the true stories of personal experience can be the best teacher.
Male victims of violence are not well served in their healing by organizations that teach hatred towards women
Men face additional barriers in telling our stories of abuse because we have been socialized to be the "king of the castle", in control of our lives and feelings and to never show our weakness.

It is wrong for any man to be abused. We hope the stories provided below encourage men who are abused to reach out and end the silence of your pain. You need not be alone in isolation. Talk to someone you trust and know that you do not deserve to live in a situation where you are unsafe, unloved or abused.
Peter's Story from Australia
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Men For Change Editors Note: It is an ongoing struggle to separate the wheat from the chafe, to find the truth locked within the pain of men's experience of violence. While we wish to sincerely tell the stories men who have been abused by their female intimate partners, there also exists a culture of denial that seeks to blame women, especially feminists, for the pain of changing and old stereotypes in which some men have found safety.

As a pro-feminist men's group it is a challenge to reach out to our brothers who are involved in this backlash against women's progress. Ironically, these men on a political level use the same tactics that abusive men use on a personal level. Some abusive men minimize, blame and deny their violent behaviour. In counseling, abusers will do everything to avoid taking responsibility and I suppose embrace the pain of their actions. Let's make it clear. Some men who are terrified of letting go of the comfort and control that men have held onto for centuries dig in even deeper w Much of the gender rhetoric is caught up in the denial of the extreme control and cent of abuse that have been perpetrated by men towards women, people of colour, and a myriad of oppressed groups over the centuries. In our experience working with male abusers, the entire world is to blame for their violence, they will not take responsibility for their actions, and they project their pain and responsibility upon everyone they can, including their wives and partners. Broken relationships are messy business.