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In Memoriam

December 6, 1989

Genevieve Bergeron

Helene Colgan

Nathalie Croteau

Barbara Daigneault

Anne-Marie Edward

Maud Haviernick

Barbara Marie Klueznick

Maryse Laganiere

Maryse Leclair

Anne-Marie Lemay

Sonia Pelletier

Michele Richard

Annie St. Arneault

Annie Turcotte



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Background Note: The women whose names appear above were murdered on December 6, 1989 at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Canada. A gunman walked into a classroom of engineering students, asked all the men to leave the room and proceeded to gun down 27 women, killing these 14 women engineering students.

Men For Change formed in response to this horrific event to take responsibility, as men, for ending male violence. We believe that the Montreal Massacre was a symbol of the ongoing war against women in our society, not the isolated act of a madman. The members of the group are dedicated to ensuring that women, men, and children can live in a world that is free from the culture of violence which is responsible for the deaths of these women.

More on the Montreal Massacre

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