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Statistical Focus on Violence Against Women

bulletSince November 1988, thirteen women have been murdered in Nova Scotia. Five women have survived attempted murders.
bulletIn Canada, an average of 100 women each year are murdered by their male partners or ex-partners.
bullet62% of all women murdered are victims of domestic violence.
bulletAt least 1 in 10 women is battered by her male partner; almost half of them sustain serious physical injuries.
bulletA Canadian woman is raped every 17 minutes.
bullet84% of sexual assaults are by someone known to the victim.
bullet90% of sexual assaults involve female victims; 99% of perpetrators are male.
bulletAlmost half of ail women with disabilities have been sexually abused as children, and one in four has been sexually assaulted as an adult.
bullet27,000 sexual assaults were reported to Canadian police in 1990, almost double the 1984 figure.
bullet80% of women in the labour force have experienced sexual harassment at some time in their working lives.
bulletMurder is the number one cause of workplace deaths for women.
bullet80% of women incarcerated under federal jurisdiction have a history of physical or sexual abuse.
bulletWear a Purple Ribbon
bulletOther statistics from the Canadian Council on the Status of Women

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